If you are a property owner, building maintenance is obviously a priority, as you do need to protect your investment, which might be the biggest single investment you will ever make. While the tropical Thai climate is nice, it is tough on property and with that in mind, here are a few tips for cost effective property maintenance.

  • Air conditioning – All your a/c units need regular servicing and the end of the rainy season is the best time to service climate control systems. Not only will you enjoy a cool interior, the a/c units use less electricity when maintained. 
  • Annual roof inspections – Ask any seasoned homeowner and they will gladly confirm that annual roof inspections are the best way to maintain the roof. We can’t see all of the roof from the ground, which is why you need a roofing contractor to inspect the tiles, looking for any minor issues that can be dealt with before they turn into major issues. Sometimes, the only way to know you have a leaking roof is to commission a roof inspection, which gives you a detailed report on every aspect of the roof.
  • Exterior walls – Coat the exterior walls with outdoor weatherproof paint from a leading Thai paint supplier and this will protect the exterior for a few years. The latest generation of exterior paint has a high level of insulation, helping to keep your home cooler in the hot summer. You can browse the long list of colors on their website and when you are ready to order, a secure online payment sees the paint dispatched to your home address.
  • Door & window frames – If the doors and window frames are made of timber, they need to be coated with a protective seal; any signs of decay and you should ask a local double glazing company to quote for replacement PVC or aluminium double glazed windows and doors. This will boost the value of the property, while also saving energy as double glazing reduces heat transfer. Double glazing is important in both hot and cold climates; in Thailand, this will help to retain the cool air, reducing the workload on your air conditioning. Here are a few tips on installing composite decking, which is an attractive feature for any home.
  • Rainy season – Make sure that the guttering is cleaned out before the end of April, as this signifies the start of the monsoon season and it is worth noting that mosquitoes need water to reproduce; remove all forms of standing water, except fishponds, as the fish eat the larva. Blocked guttering can cause serious damage during heavy rain and wet leaves and small twigs will likely cause a blockage. Keep your eye on the guttering when heavy rain arrives and carry out unblocking sooner rather than later.

Here is some information for foreigners wishing to buy real estate in Thailand, which might come in handy. When using local building services, make sure that the contractor is established and ask for a few references; language might be an issue, in which case you will need a translator.