It would hardly be possible to find someone who doesn’t like tofu. It wins everyone’s, who tastes it, heart immediately. It leaves an impression especially if you know at least some of the nutritional properties of this product and their benefits to your body. In order to make tofu delicious, you need to know some significant details. They may improve and maybe even save your dish! So, let’s have a look!

Drain it before you cook. This is the first and perhaps most important tip if you want to bake tofu and serve it as a main course or a part of it. If your goal is to fry or grill evenly toasted pieces of tofu, be sure to drain it before you start to cook. How to do that? Some people try to do this using two plates and other tools they can find in the kitchen. However, if you do not want clutter in the kitchen, just get tofu press. Simple as that. 

Marinate generously. People who take a bite of tofu for the first time, they say it tastes like nothing. And that is true. But that is why this product is valuable. It can be used anywhere from lasagna, chili stew to dessert or ice cream. And it all depends on the marinade you choose. It is recommended to marinate tofu for 4-8 hours before baking. The longer you marinate it, the richer the taste of tofu you will be able to enjoy.

Make sure that the pan is hot. As a famous English idiom says: “Measure seven times, cut once”. Follow these words when frying tofu. This may seem insignificant, but whether you put the tofu in a hot or just a warm pan can fundamentally determine the success of your dish. It is very likely that when the tofu pieces are placed in an unheated pan, they will lose their shape and won’t become crunchy as well.

Scrambled tofu. If you’ve tried a wide variety of marinade recipes and feel that tofu is starting to wake up anyway, try a new way to make tofu: scrambled tofu. First of all, you have to drain the tofu to make it as firm as possible. And then shred the block into small pieces by hand and season it generously with spices you love. Then place the mass in a heated pan and fry, stirring constantly. The result will surprise you as scrambled tofu tastes extremely similar to chicken.

Try to make one on your own. It is highly recommended to make tofu by yourself. Not only is it fun to try, but you can also be sure that you are eating quality tofu that is free of impurities and preservatives or food enhancers. What is more, you will only need soybeans, water, and lemon to make it. Of course, making tofu takes some time but it is worth trying! Who knows, maybe after tasting your own tofu, you will no longer want to buy it from the store?