Carpets are pleasant to look at when they’re clean. They will greatly improve the aesthetics of a room. A dirty carpet, on the other hand, can be an eyesore. It will have nothing to do with the age of the carpet. Sometimes regular vacuuming is not enough if you’re looking to have clean carpets. Most carpets don’t reach their expected lifespan because of poor maintenance or lack thereof. Here are some tips that will come in handy if you’re looking to extend the life of your carpet.

Vacuum Regularly

You should not be vacuuming your carpet every two weeks. This will make things a lot harder and it will take some time before you complete the cleaning. The best approach will be to vacuum the carpet regularly. You can set aside a few minutes every two days dedicated to vacuuming your carpet. When you vacuum regularly, you’re assured there is no build-up of dirt or debris in the carpet. Debris can lead to damage to the fiber. This is particularly true for areas in the home that receive a lot of traffic. It is crucial that you’re investing in a quality vacuum which will make the cleaning process easy.
Vacuum Regularly

Mats and Rugs

Mats and rugs shouldn’t be forgotten during the cleaning process. When you invest in high-quality rugs, there will be less foot traffic on the carpeted areas. The area rugs will still have to be treated but the work won’t be as tiresome compared to when there are no rugs at all. Getting mats will also help in extending the life of your main carpets.

Remove Shoes

There should be a no-shoe policy when someone is inside the house. This will not only make cleaning easy but will also extend the life of the carpet. Instead of shoes, family members can wear sandals. The shoes should be removed at the door. The majority of the dirt that enters your home will be from under the shoes.

Rearrange Furniture

It is a good idea to rearrange the furniture in your home so that the direction of foot traffic can be changed. This will prevent only one area of the carpet from wearing out. Different areas on the carpet won’t look so worn out when you make it a habit to rearrange the furniture regularly.
Rearrange Furniture

Take Care of Spills and Stains Right Away

You shouldn’t wait until the stains get into the fiber of the carpet before you decide to clean. The stains could result in damages in the long run if they’re not cleaned immediately. You might have to replace the carpet when the stains become too much and even seeking a carpet cleaner won’t be of much help. Treat every spill or stain as it happens. The longer they stay, the harder it will be to clean.

Hire the Right Cleaning Company

It is recommended that the carpet is cleaned professionally after 12 months. It is crucial that you’re getting the right company for the job when looking for Carpet Cleaning Austin. This can be challenging given the fact that there are hundreds of carpets cleaning companies at any given moment. To make easier, you should narrow down the search to your area. You want to work with a company with a physical presence. Such a company will have a reputation to maintain and will not only be concerned about the money.

The company that you intend to work with should offer a satisfaction guarantee mostly on the workmanship. You should be wary of a carpet cleaning company that can’t stand behind their work.

Carpet Protectant

A good carpet cleaning company will use a protectant after the job is finished. A protectant will help in extending the life of the carpet. There is new technology in the market that will provide protection for your carpet against water and oil-based stains. The fibers are coated with a barrier. It is easy to get rid of such stains because they don’t get to reach the fiber of the carpet.
Carpet Protectant
To conclude, if you’re looking to keep your carpet in the same state that you bought it in, there will be a need for a maintenance schedule. Regular vacuuming will help in getting rid of the debris. The carpet will also need to be cleaned professionally once a year. Getting the right cleaning company will help a lot as you won’t have to worry about maintenance aspects. Make sure you’re doing research before you decide to work with a company.