With the enormous growth of social media in the 21st century, it has become much easier to communicate with people everywhere. LinkedIn was founded in 2003 and today it is one of the biggest job searching platforms in the world. It’s mainly used for professional networking and allows people to post their resumes and CVs online. They can present their services to people. Employers can also post their job offers and information for more people to see and increase their engagement with consumers. 

How to get noticed on LinkedIn?

To meet many new people and increase your chances of finding the perfect job for yourself, you need to upload your good photo, fill out your summary and specify your industry, list your current or previous positions and include your educational background. To get more followers on LinkedIn it’s important to reach out to many new people and be consistently active. But keep in mind that LinkedIn is a professional networking site that is oriented on searching for employees or jobs, so do not use it for fun and non-serious reasons. Many other social media platforms offer these kinds of services.

Top 10 Linkedin’s in-demand skills

There are several skills you should have to reach the goal you always wanted and meet new people who can become your business or work partners. According to .weforum, it’s not that hard, and it has listed the several most important skills that are demanded in 2020 to be a successful LinkedIn user.

  • Creativity

Every company and businessman needs a staff member who can offer new ideas and problem-solving ways. They are mainly looking for people who are ready to share their unique points of view and provide a new outlook on things.

  • Adaptability

Being able to adapt to new reality and changes is one of the most beneficial skills you might need in your life. The world of business is constantly changing as well. To stand out and get the attention you are looking for you should be able to adjust to the new reality and keep up with the pace. Companies are always looking for people who have a flexible mindset and the ability to change depending on their working environment.

  • Sales

Every company is looking for someone who is good at sales and knows how to communicate with customers. There are many webinars and online courses where you can improve your skills and become a professional. The main point is to improve your communication and persuasion abilities.

  • Emotional intelligence

According to HelpGuide emotional intelligence is one of the most valuable and important skills in human history, it’s an ability to understand, perceive, respond, and manage your own and other people’s emotions. It’s a valuable aspect of communicating with your co-workers or customers. It’s an ability that helps you control your feelings and keep a professional image at work.

  • Collaboration

Working in teams and group projects have always been much more successful than working alone. Every organization values people’s ability to work with others and create a product together with co-workers.

  • Video-producing

In the era of social media where everything has become virtual and online, it’s become a big plus to know how to create eye-catching videos. Videos are a great way to catch people’s attention and get your message across to your viewers.

  • Persuasion

Having great speaking skills is always a bonus in any aspect of life. Companies are looking for people who can make their ideas and points of view as believable as possible and explain why they are doing whatever they’re doing.

  • Cloud computing

Organizations are looking for people who can help them create and drive technical architectures, different designs for their brand, and solve technical difficulties of cloud systems like Microsoft Azure.

  • Business analysis

Business analysis is a newly added feature on the chart of the most demanded skills of 2020. Business analysis means identifying and recognizing the needs for change in the way organizations work and making the process of changing smoother and easier.

  • Analytical reasoning

Every single organization and business is founded on data that holds all the important pieces of information. That is why companies and headmasters are looking for people who can understand data, get the needed information out from it, and distinguish important and unimportant patterns.


Today LinkedIn has over 500 million users in more than 200 countries. It’s the largest business-oriented online platform and allows you to showcase your abilities or business ideas to people around the world. It is very easy to use and beneficial for your personal and career growth. The possibilities are endless, you have a chance to get involved in educational or entertainment forums, join groups, get a job you always wanted, and most importantly, meet people who have the same mindset and aspirations as you.