Plantation shutters have been trusted by many business and homeowners over the years. That alone is proof that you can’t go wrong with using them on your doors or windows.

Are you thinking of incorporating these timeless shutters in your home or office? Plantation shutters can be used in almost any environment making them highly versatile.

We list the top 12 advantages of using plantation shutters to reinforce why picking them is a step in the right direction.

Highly Versatile

The plantation shutters Sydney market is flooded with varying styles and designs. As a result, you can use them on almost any window space regardless of shape or size.
Highly Versatile
Do you live in a small space? Plantation shutters are the perfect solution thanks to their space-saving design. Create more room by foregoing bulky curtains; rather opt for shutters.

Unmatched Elegance

If you’re hoping to bring elegance and sophistication into a space, then plantation shutters must be on your shopping list.

Curtains are rather outdated. Plantation shutters will instantly transform your home—or office—into a modern and stylish space. And though they aren’t very pricy, they give a room that up-market and expensive feel compared to ordinary blinds.

Effective Insulator

Aesthetics and versatility aside, you’ll also appreciate plantation shutters for their impressive insulation properties. They’re highly effective at temperature control; from ventilating your room during the warmer months to blocking the cold drafts in winter.

Save You Money

You’ll admit; a cost saving product is always ideal. Because plantation shutters are effective at energy efficiency, you’ll notice a significant drop in your monthly electricity bill.

Keep the Noise Out

Do you stay near a busy road? Cold winds in winter aren’t the only thing shutters can keep out of a space. Plantation shutters are effective sound insulators that’ll dampen intrusive loud sounds. They’re designed to act as an extra buffer between your windows and outdoor noises.

Maintain Your Privacy

You want to always feel safe and secure in your home. By adjusting the shutter’s louver blades, you not only keep excessive light or wind out, but prying eyes too. Plantation shutters will provide you with that much needed security.
Maintain Your Privacy
You have the option of adding a lock or catch to prevent easy opening. As a result, you can leave your windows open but still use them as a security barrier to prevent unauthorised entry. The same reinforcements are also useful if you have toddlers in the house to prevent them from accessing open windows.

Value for Your Money

No one wants to waste money on a flimsy product. That’s one thing you don’t have to worry about if you buy plantation shutters thanks to their durability. Plantation shutters are made using strong materials that are designed to last. You don’t have to worry about warping or colour fading.

In addition, most shutters are only opened when the windows need cleaning. Because of less frequent usage, wear and tear is significantly minimized.

In the event that the louvers are damaged, you can easily replace them. You don’t need to replace the mountings, only the blades. You’ll appreciate how most louvers are adjustable depending on your preference. You can decide to tighten—or loosen—the louver operation to minimize damage that can happen during use.

Reduce Decorating Costs

Still on the subject of saving money, plantation shutters will significantly slash your interior décor budget. Thanks to their versatility and style, they can blend with almost any décor.

White shutters are widely sought after for this exact reason. You don’t need to replace them every time you decide to change the colour theme in your living space. However, if you must change their colour, you can simply re-spray them. No need to purchase a new set.

Space Creation

Given the nature of their design, plantation shutters are designed to perfectly fit in a window recess. This means there are no protrusions as is the case with curtains. The end result is an illusion of creating more space in an area which people with limited living space will appreciate.

Easy to Maintain

You can add ease of maintenance on their list of impressive benefits. Plantation shutters don’t require professional cleaning; simply wipe clean with a damp cloth when necessary. Regular cleaning will reduce dust accumulation. People who suffer from asthma will particularly appreciate this.
Easy to Maintain

Easy to Operate

Some plantation shutters can now be remote controlled. Bed-bound people who prefer controlling the amount of light that enters their room will find this functionality useful.

In addition, if your windows are in hard to reach places such as over doors or stairs, remote controlled plantation shutters will come in handy.

Some people generally prefer getting things done the easy way. Remote controlled plantations shutters can be opened or adjusted at the click of a button saving you time and labour.

Keep Your Furry Friends Indoors & Unwanted Animals Out
If you’re tired of your pet sneaking out the window, a plantation shutter will instantly solve the problem.

Also, sometimes you only want to let the light rays in, not your neighbour’s pet. Plantation shutters will effectively keep nosy pets out.

Wrapping Up

It’s clear; plantation shutters are a worthwhile investment. They provide both functionality and style making them a must have for any room.

What’s even better is they’re cost-effective, low-maintenance not to mention extremely durable. These window coverings certainly sound like something every home—or office must have, don’t you agree?