More and more residential backyards have an in ground or above ground swimming pool. For sure, they require constant cleaning otherwise in a month it will look like a pond with frogs, full of dirt, leaves and algae. The absolute requirement for each swimming pool is to have a filtration system for constant water circulation and collection of debris and dirt on the water surface. The algae and other organics are killed by chemicals once per several months.

For cleaning walls and floor there are available simple brushes or cleaners (manual, automatic or robotic). All cleaners except robotics depend on the filtration pump as they should be attached to it directly to the suction or pressure inlet or to the skimmer. So, the importance of the pool pump – the heart of the filtration system – is unquestionable.

Types of pool pumps

The primary purpose of a pool pump is to execute water circulation. Typically, the pump should be able to pump all water from the pool within 8-10 hours. If you have additional water consumption units such as automatic pool cleaners (suction-side or pressure-side ones) or waterfalls or waterjets, the pump efficiency should be increased.

There are three types of pumps suitable for the pool: single-speed, two-speed (dual speed), and variable speed pumps. The difference between the three types is the possibility of adjusting the water flow rate. The single-speed pump has the same flow rate as the maximum flow in a variable speed pump. The two-speed and variable speed pumps are more energy-efficient as the filtration process does not require a high constant flow rate, but they are more expensive than single-speed pumps. It was calculated that a variable speed pump could save 6-8 hours of electricity compared to a single speed.

Variable speed pumps are more complicated than other types, as they have fan cooling and a closed body. This extends the pump durability and allows them to work quieter. Because of the improved casing, these pumps are chosen for swimming pools with saltwater.

By the way, the lowest speed in a two-speed pump does not provide a significant flow rate for an automatic pool cleaner. So, keep this in mind if you have such a type of cleaner.

Top 3 the best pool pump Manufactures

All pump Manufactures can propose all types of pumps. Although the choice is rather impressive, the top 3 Manufacturers produce the most popular pumps.


Pentair is a multi-product company from the USA founded in 1966. It produces goods for pools, spas, water supply, water filtration for private properties, and industrial needs. Pentair makes 39 different pumps for residential pools under two brands, Pentair and Sta-Rite. Among them, there are two top-rated models – single speed pump WhisperFlo and variable speed pump IntelliFlo.

The Manufacturer claimed the 3 HP Intelli Flo pump as the best-selling variable speed pump globally, thanks to the adjustable speed and flow rate under eight programs for the filtration cycle and a straightforward menu for installation. It can filter up to 170 gallons per minute with an Energy Star certified motor. The 3 HP WhisperFlo is good by heavy-duty construction with a fan-cooled motor providing long service life. In addition, this pump is equipped with a strainer with a lid for easy inspection and cleaning.

Despite that, this pimp has only a single-speed enhanced design that allows for reducing operating expenses and meets DOE minimum efficiency requirements.


Hayward is an American Company producing products for pools for more than 80 years. They produce products for above and inground residential and commercial pools, such as heaters, pumps, filters, cleaners, etc. There are seven pump models for inground pools and three models for above ground pools.

The most respectable model is a single-speed Super Pump with superior efficiency that also meets DOE efficiency regulations. The pump has an extra-large basket to hold large debris and a unique cover for easy access and cleaning.

 This pump can filter up to 83 gallons per minute and has a 5 HP motor. It operates quietly and effortlessly in service and operation despite the only speed.


Intex has been one of the famous companies from the USA for producing leisure swimming products since 1975. Nowadays, they produce not only above ground pools and supporting goods but also air beds, air furniture, pumps, spas, and toys. Therefore, most pool owners find it convenient to buy the complete package of swimming equipment, including the pool itself, from one Manufacturer. That is why 14 in Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump became so popular.

Overall, Intex under Brand Krystal produces five different pumps with a built-in cartridge filter and five with built-in sand filters that create an almost overall filtration system for above ground pools. The 14 inches Krystal Pump can filter up to 47 gallons per minute, and it has a 0.6 HP motor. A very convenient feature of this pump is a 24-hour timer for setting automatic filtration times on daily maintenance. The pump executes six functions: filter, backwash, rinse, re-circulation, drain, and system closure.

The first two Manufacturers hold the most considerable portion of the pumps market. However, the choice between Pentair vs. Hayward may be challenging as produced pumps have good quality. Pentair’s pumps are famous for extended durability, but Hayward’s pumps are good in energy efficiency. So, it is mainly the buyer’s decision which aspect is the most important.


All problems with pool maintenance, choice of proper filters, cleaners, and pumps are nothing against the pleasure of resting in cold water on a hot sunny day. By choosing the trustable Manufacturer of the pool pump, you will eliminate the costliest and most crucial problem of swimming pool maintenance. With a proper change of all movable parts during service life, the pool pump will work for eight years and more.

The main problem for all pumps is a failure in electricity supply. If you correctly choose the size of the pump based on your power settings, pool size, and availability of pool cleaner, then you can be sure that your pump will last a long life. The Intex, Pentair, or Hayward pumps suit all requirements for an excellent long-lasting pool pump.