Designing and decorating small bedrooms is challenging because the room has less space for furniture. You don’t have to compromise your personality being reflected and, more importantly, an area just because you have significant furniture pieces in a small room. With a few simple bedroom design rules and color schemes, you’ll be amazed at how quickly space is transformed.

After purchasing bedroom furniture sets most of us face challenges due to proper planning. All you need to have a creative design layout for your bedroom. 

You can use several small bedroom ideas and interior design tricks to make your bedtime sanctuary feel more significant than it is – all you need is a little creativity and a few essential adjustments. If you are trying to make a small bedroom look more spacious, try out these 10 Innovative Tricks To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger.

Use The Wall Space 

So much can be done with the walls to enlarge the room if you know how to utilize your wall space properly. So when it comes to a small space, think vertically. Using the walls right up to the ceiling, you use the area more efficiently while drawing the eye upwards, making the room seem more significant.

Floor-to-ceiling shelves are a great way to give a bedroom more storage, interest, and visual space. You can also invest in a tall headboard and hang artwork or another decor above the bed to maximize the space.

Mirror on the wall!

Mirrors play a vital role in making any room look bigger, especially a bedroom with a bare wall or door. A cleverly angled mirror will reflect light and provide a sense of depth or height. Ideally, mirrors from floor to ceiling would be best to have in a small room. Mirrored closet doors are perhaps the most popular use of this feature, so you may want to consider adding them to your room. You can also use an overmantel mirror or Alcove mirrors to broaden the space and add more value to the room’s aesthetics.

Furnitures Having Legs

Your bedroom will automatically feel more spacious if you can see right beneath pieces of furniture. The more floor and wall you can see, the bigger you will feel. 

A bed with tall legs will appear more proportionate in a room with a high ceiling; a low-slung bed will feel more appropriate in a room with a lower ceiling. 

Legs enhance your bedroom’s airy, open feel by adding height to your furniture. The bed, dresser, or nightstand doesn’t have to have legs, but at least one piece should have some size. Likewise, bedside tables, dressing tables, and occasional chairs follow the same rule. Leggy designs work in precisely the same way to enhance space. 

Pick Pastel!

The rule of thumb is that white opens up a room. But hey, you do not have to have a hospital-like bedroom. The key to decorating with a soft, light tone is to stick to a smooth, pastel palette. A pastel color scheme is perfect for small rooms and whispery gray tones.

Combine white with one bright or mid-tone color, such as blue and white. When it comes to colors, cool shades, such as blue, green, and purple, help enlarge a room, while warmer shades have the opposite effect.

Swap Table Lamps with Wall lights

Wall lights are absolute go-to’s where you’re working with lesser space. They are very trendy and space-saving at the same time!

When you have a small bedroom, you might have to compromise on the width of your bedside table, which means any additional space you get back is a bonus. You can install wall lights on either side of the bed is a bold style statement that offers an intriguing element to your bedroom décor while saving you from clunky lamps that take up functional storage space on your bedside table.

Be Clever With Curtains

Even if you do not have floor-to-ceiling windows that can create an illusion of a spacious room, you can still create one by hanging your drapes above your window frames and letting them hang long, but do not let them touch the floor or pool on it. 

In this way, you’re following the same principle as leaving your furniture’s legs bare. You are blocking the flow of your room by allowing your drapes to go all the way to the floor. So You should not let your drapes flow to the ground. This will help you create the horizontal effect that draws the eye of the visitor of your room upwards when tied up or left a few inches below.

Placing Your Rug?

A rug can play a significant role in layout and design, and certain tricks can completely transform a room. If you place a rug at the foot of the bed, you can create the illusion of more space when you put half the mattress on it, which will trick you into believing there is more area in the room than there is actually. Alternatively, you can use this trick elsewhere in the room by placing only a piece of furniture’s front or back legs on a rug to get the same effect.

Go For 

  1. Simple-Patterned & Light-Colored Bed Sheets

Your bed sheets will play a vital role in decorating your bedroom since this is your bedroom. Stay away from busy, loud patterns when choosing your sheets. To match the flow of the room, coordinate drapes’ colors, and shapes. Consider using a quilt or woven blanket that is personalized. Choose lighter, brighter colors to make the room feel bigger whenever possible.

  1. Empty spaces are important

People tend to overlook the importance of space. Filling every shelf to the brim is not necessary. A room with less space needs free space since it must be able to breathe. The Cantaloupe rule states that you shouldn’t decorate your room with more minor items than a cantaloupe. If you want to decorate with small pieces, follow that guideline. Small pieces will make the room look cluttered. 

  1. Minimalism Is The Key

You should follow this rule in all designs, but it is especially critical if you want a small bedroom to appear more prominent. Adding unnecessary details and decorations is easy, and you end up with a cluttered, cramped room after a while. An accent lamp, a few pictures, and a plant placed in the corner are all the room needs.

Last but not least, if you keep a room clean and organized, it will always appear larger. Try different furniture, beds, and bedding to enhance the room’s appearance. Maximize the space in your room by rearranging the layout and building shelves. Your small bedroom will appear more spacious and visually appealing with a simple design with coordinating colors and patterns. 

We will always try to create your bedroom a therapeutic place for you to retreat to. So next time you’re trying to make a small room look bigger, come back to us and give it a read again!