As you may already know, the driveway is an integral part of any property as it’s one of the first things people notice when they approach your home or business premises. The driveway says as much as meeting a person for the first time – you never get a second chance to make a first impression. It will often say a lot about you as an individual or the business you run and the pride you take in your landscape and the exterior of your property.

In addition, it’s not unusual for households to own more than one car per their family. Of course, garages protect cars and people’s belongings in them but it can be pretty hard to find space to fit more than one car in a normal-sized garage. On the other hand, lots of people dislike parking their cars on the public parking spaces on the street in front of their house and feel much more content with their vehicles parked on their land. In 2020, a private driveway is a necessity and there is no point in denying that.

There are a lot of driveway possibilities available and choosing the most suitable driveway for your property can be a tricky decision. In this article, we have listed five types of driveway alternatives, driveway repair and their advantages and disadvantages to help you make an informed decision about your driveway surface solution.


Because of the versatile range of styles available here, the range of patterns that can be achieved and the great visual impact on larger driveways, block paving driveways are a very popular choice amongst many homeowners. If you are interested in making your driveway appear very organized and tidy, a block paving driveway is just the thing you need.BLOCK PAVING DRIVEWAYS
Advantages of block paving driveways:

  • As mentioned, there is a wide range of blocks available in different colors that can be used to suit your driveway. Homeowners should choose the most suitable block to complement the exterior of their house.
  • Block paving is a hard-wearing surface. Besides, if individual blocks lift or get damaged, it’s super easy to repair and there is no need to have the entire driveway re-laid. Block paving prices largely depend on the square footage of your driveway, but entrusting this task to professionals will make sure that it lasts longer and proves cost-effective.
  • The finished look is aesthetically pleasing and enhances the entire exterior of the property.

Disadvantages of block paving driveways:

  • Installing block paving takes time and proper care. And it costs a bit more money compared to other surfaces for driveways. The substrate needs to be level in preparation to lay the block, and it takes time to lay each individual block to achieve the desired pattern.
  • The subbase needs to be of fine quality and level to be installed without short term and long term issues.


In recent times, gravel has become a popular material for driveway surface solutions. While not always appearing neat and tidy, gravel creates this simple look which complements some people’s lifestyle perfectly.

Advantages of gravel driveways:

  • They are really cost-effective. This type of driveway can be installed relatively cheaply. However, the maintenance of it is where the costs begin to pile up compared to other low-maintenance alternatives.
  • Gravel comes in several options including different color alternatives. Property owners can tailor the type of gravel to enhance the exterior of their property and landscape.
  • These driveways are one of the easiest to install. Once it’s installed, it can be used immediately.

Disadvantages of gravel driveways:

  • Moss and weeds are able to penetrate gravel and if not maintained properly the situation can get out of hand.
  • The weather conditions can have a great impact on the quality of your gravel driveway. During winter months, snow and ice are very difficult to remove from this kind of surface.
  • Gravel driveways often encourage dirt and debris to spread causing the cars to become dirty easily.



Concrete’s popularity comes from its hard wearing and low maintenance. With the recent rise of industrial interior complemented by an industrial exterior, concrete driveways are a perfect choice.

Advantages of concrete driveways:

  • They are very good when it comes to controlling the temperature so there is no need to panic about the driveway getting too hot during the summer days.
  • It requires really low maintenance and concrete creates a simple yet professional look.

Disadvantages of concrete driveways:

  • In time, concrete driveways may experience cracking which can begin to look unsightly. To rectify the issue the whole driveway will need to be removed and reinstalled.
  • Concrete driveways are often more expensive than other driveway surfaces, especially if there is a larger area that needs covering.
  • When it comes in contact with oil, driveways will often stain. It is known to be time-consuming and expensive to get rid of the oil stains.


Yet another popular choice when it comes to installing a new driveway.

Advantages of asphalt driveways:

  • Cheaper to install than concrete driveways. People looking for the concrete properties and look but at a cheaper cost, use asphalt as an alternative.
  • A lot higher longevity than most other options. Homeowners can expect the asphalt to last at least 20 years.
  • Asphalt delivers a sleek and professional look that can enhance the curb appeal of your property.

Disadvantages of asphalt driveways:

  • Maintenance is relatively low but requires more upkeep than a concrete driveway. Most often, repairs are minor and affordable though.
  • Asphalt’s downfall is its malleability and flexibility during the summer days. This can cause tire marks to appear on the surface.


Advantages of resin driveways:

  • Resin driveways have become an increasingly popular choice in domestic and commercial environments thanks to their aesthetically pleasing finish and hard-wearing nature.
  • If the driveway has been installed properly, you should experience no drainage issues.
  • Weed and moss should not be a problem if the surface is kept clean. All that is required is a jet wash or a hose clean and sweep afterward.
  • These kinds of driveways are quick to install and can be completed in a couple of days.

Disadvantages of resin driveways:

  • Don’t choose a resin driveway if you are living in a heavily trafficked area because this can cause the resin to lift.
  • Make sure to use the right type of resin. If your choice is darker UV protection is not imperative but if you choose a lighter model you should think about UV protection for the resin too.
  • Maintenance is essential to keep the surface clean of weeds and moss.