Are you currently planning on doing some home renovations? We know that you are excited to do some changes! Our home is the place where we spend most of our time so we want it to be the most comfortable. However, it is also important to take into consideration of the latest architectural trends when approaching a redesign or remodel.

This year, design trends are to be built to be more lively, a pleasant mix of warmer takes on genuine and tried colors, also with natural materials and finishes. If you like to be one step ahead of others, then keep on reading to know how you can incorporate the remodeling trends that will surely fit your budget, lifestyle, and of course for your home.

Trend #1: Open Shelving

Nowadays, home remodeling is getting inspiration from hotel and retail spaces where kitchen upper cabinets are getting replaced with metal, wood, or glass shelving. This forgoes the minimalist design of a house as it adds to the entire strong statements that a lot of homeowners want to achieve.

Trend #2: Goodbye White Walls

We may have always heard that when decorating our homes, the white color is the best option. For this year, it’s going to be different. Not only are they looking to be more dated, but they also are not as practical as they could be.

Remove white from your option and think of nice pastel colors to add some change and comfort to your home. You can include options such as gray, yellow, light green, or pale blue. You may pick a single color and then proceed with it for a monochromatic look. Or you can even choose some patterns. Pleasant surroundings will be a great calmer during some stressful domestic tasks like cleaning or help with writing an essay for your child.

Trend #3: Dark Kitchens

Black never gets old! It is true as black and dark-toned kitchens are getting a lot of demand as a glamorous and advanced option to traditional kitchens. Switching to black walls, using black countertops and black accents is an effective way to add sophistication while fabricating a very special room.

The good thing with dark-toned rooms is that you won’t see any stains and spills. But don’t make the room get so dark, just keep one large part of the room a lighter color such as a gray floor or a white ceiling.

Trend #4: Exposed Shower Plumbing

We can see more exposed shower plumbing in our bathrooms in 2022. Hopping on this minimalist design provides you to move around when showering or bathing.

Trend #5: Terrazzo tiles

You can make your kitchen and bathrooms more interesting by incorporating terrazzo in your kitchen as a countertop, or as accent sinks in your bathrooms. This type of tile is a blend of marble, granite pieces, and glass chips implanted in cement. But you are not limited to keeping this amazing tile to the smallest room in your home.

The technique here is to use this material to be the focal point of your room but do not over-accessorize it.

Trend #6: Experiment with Prints

We already have this thinking before that if we decorate our home with a print, we are only restricted to that one only. You can greatly apply the saying that ‘opposites attract for this year! You may experiment with bold prints of all kinds so don’t be afraid to try them out.

For instance, you may put contrasting patterned pillows on a soft-colored couch. Or you can place two distinct patterned armchairs that can stand out as focal pieces in a room that is alternatively a subtle color.

Trend #7: Curvier Furniture

For the past decades, larger and squarish furniture has been the standard of homeowners. It’s not new anymore to invest in usual couches, armchairs, and even bed frame that comes with a straight back.

Today, almost all home builders suggest adding some movement to your room by opting for curvier furniture if you want to add some liveliness to your entire space and have your guests’ eyes moving around as well. You may include couches with curved backs, chaise lounges, or circular ottomans in your options if you’d like your room to look high-end and contemporary.