Since the pandemic hit the world so badly, the world has seen its worst impact. The lockdown restrictions have changed people’s choices, tastes, and preferences. The recent behavioral changes, including introducing the “work from home” model to moving to affordable distant places, have become the new normal.

People tend to choose affordable places to live where they can get all the necessary amenities at fewer costs. Therefore, the tendency to move to affordable distant places has increased. The cheap cross country movers at Pricing Van Lines, a leading moving services platform, have been helping people to ensure safe and secure relocations. 

Apart from the affordability, people have started giving top priorities to ensuring practical amenities in their homes, such as personal office space, an in-house gym, bidet, etc. However, choosing such amenities is truly realistic considering the latest pandemic situation.

So, if you’re planning to move cross-country and willing to buy your dream home, you must consider the latest design trends. Especially, the interiors should be made in such a way so that they can serve their purposes effectively. Below are a few top design trends you should consider when buying a new home.

Separate Office Space

As already stated, the long lockdown restrictions have changed the usual perspective. Recent innovative technology has made the giant corporate offices insignificant. Bodily presence in the office isn’t mandatory these days. Several giant companies have decided to continue the WFM model even after revoking lockdown restrictions.

So, in such a scenario, having a personal office space in a home has become essential. You may have a lot of space in your home to perform daily office work. However, not having a separate office space can cause difficulties in working. So, keeping this in mind, the homes are being built with separate office spaces these days. And it would be best for you to choose a home with separate office space so that you won’t have to go for any further renovations. 

Inhouse Gym

The deadly pandemic has taught us the utmost importance of having good health. Being active to ensure good health isn’t a choice anymore. Instead, it’s essential to keep your mental and physical health as good as possible. Gyms are the best place to perform several physical activities to keep your health good.

However, it can’t be denied that people are too busy to visit gyms regularly these days. So, having an in-house gym is important to perform regular physical activities without visiting any outside gym center. 

The houses are being built with in-house personal gyms to perform regular physical activities despite having a busy schedule effortlessly. So, if you’re planning to buy a new home, make sure to have an in-house gym in your home to continue with regular physical activities.


Can you remember those worst days in 2020 when toilet papers went missing due to the deadly pandemic? The production of toilet papers had stopped and couldn’t handle the surging demands. So, with the toilet paper shortage, most Americans had no other suitable alternatives than considering bidet. 

Since the pandemic, the bidets have become the people’s preferred choice for their homes. So, if you’re planning to buy your new home, make sure to have a bidet in your home. This is indeed another realistic choice to have in your home, considering the worst pandemic condition we have faced. 

Extended Outdoor Space

With the lockdown restrictions in 2020, people with small outdoor spaces suffered greatly. They had nothing to do rather than use their indoor spaces to spend leisure time amid the pandemic. The longer lockdown restrictions made the outdoor spaces more significant. 

Spending some good times with family on your wide patio is indeed one of the best options to rejoice. So, it would be best to consider your new home with adequate outdoor space for sure. Later, you can cover your patio if you wish to prevent external outdoor elements. 


Well, mentioned ones are some of the recent realistic home design trends when planning to buy your new home. It is always best to choose a well-planned home with practical amenities rather than further renovations. So, make sure to have the mentioned features when choosing your dream home!