Garden sheds are a new thing especially when you have sufficient space in your garden to accommodate them. A garden shed provides ultimate protection from the sun and gives a shady spot for relaxing and unwinding yourself. The construction and maintenance of a garden shed are extremely tasks to do. 

You can either assemble the shed yourself depending on the type of material or you can ask for professional help for convenience. Well in this article we are going to list the best garden sheds UK.

Shire Sun Pent Shed

Well as the name suggests the sun shire pent shed is to provide maximum light to the shed. This is a beautifully constructed garden shed that occupies little space in your garden. It can be used as a workshop for your gardening stuff or for placing tools or as a potting shed.

Whatever the sole purpose it has it occupies sufficient space to accommodate all your belongings. The shed has 7 joinery windows and among these 5 are fixed windows while the rest two are open and glazed windows. The glass of the windows is made up of horticultural glass. 

There is a considerably long potting bench present inside the shed. The shiplap cladding is about 12mm and it is made up of pinewood which is firm. The door of the shed is secured enough and comes with a lock and key. The roof is also stylish enough to add further beauty.

Palram Skylight Shed

The skylight shed is ideal enough to accommodate small spaces in the ground. The skylight shed is made up of polycarbonate and strengthened aluminum that helps to make the overall framework of the shed durable and firm. 

The shed is resistant to color changes and can withstand harsh climatic conditions because of the framework being used over its construction. There are typically two vents back and forth that allow a lot of wind to enter inside the shed. 

The shed is ideal for storing outdoor stuff and though it seems opaque lets’ ample amount of light enters inside. The shed has an anti-slip floor and polycarbonate flexibility, ample light, and air enters but this does not distort the structure of the shed. Well if your garden has less space then a skylight shed is the best option for your garden space.

Shire Overlap Garden

This is indeed another great option especially if there is sufficient space in your garden to accommodate this large size garden shed. The shire overlap shed has double doors and the windows are side panels. The shed has sufficient space inside to be treated either as a workplace or as a workshop for major use. 

The shire overlap shed is made up of pressure-treated kiln timber to provide firmness and durability. The roof and the floors of the shed are made with double boarding sheets and the floor of the shed is anti-slip as well. The shed comes in many colors and the sizes can vary as well. 

The main feature is that the cladding material of the shed is overlapped giving more space and durability to the shed. Therefore with great space, you can accommodate this shed in your garden easily.

Lifetime Plastic Shed

The next top-class option is the plastic lifetime shed. It not only adds to the beauty of the garden but stores all your outdoor stuff as well. It is made up of polyethylene plastic with a covering of reinforced steel to add further boldness and durability to the shed of yours. The roof of the shed is apex shape and has a dual-wall covering of steel to make it strong. 

You can add shelves and other storage equipment into space for your ease. The space the shed occupies in the garden is very little and it is wear and weather resistant. You can find it in different colors and shapes as well as sizes for your garden space.

Shire Barn Shed

Last but not least is this trendy and stylish pine woodshed called a shire barn. The roof of this shed is Dutch barn styled and this adds beauty to the overall structure. The shed is made up of wide double doors that allow you to take in stuff easily. Two storm-resistant windows are strong and durable too. 

The cladding is 12mm and the floor is anti-slippery. There is a honey brown coating done over the sheds to prevent it from changing color and rot. With large space, you can build this sort of shed for yourself and place all your outdoor and important stuff in it.  

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