Whether it’s a gift or for your own little bundle of joy, getting a stroller for your baby is a heavy decision that you need to think carefully of. These aren’t cheap equipment for a baby so it’s only a must that you get what you pay for. Of course, the main reason for choosing the right stroller is always with regard to the safety and well-being of the baby while inside the stroller.

If you are new to the parenting world, it can be tough to pick the right stroller. There’s a lot of things that you should consider when getting a stroller and that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Here are a few useful tips when getting the right stroller for your baby.

What Type Of Stroller Are You Looking For?

The first thing you need to know is that there are various types of strollers that you can get for your baby. There are a total of 6 according to parenting gurus from Baby & Co that have been choosing the best strollers for others for years now. Here are the 6 types of strollers you need to know:

  • Full-sized stroller – A full-sized stroller is the biggest of all types and it’s something that can accommodate your baby well into their toddler years. This is the most common form of strollers that families buy and they come with features that make the baby more comfortable and you, more in control of the stroller. The main downside to this stroller is that it can be too bulky and heavy which can be a problem if you are traveling outside with your baby.
  • Umbrella stroller – These are strollers that weigh around 15 pounds at most so they are very portable. In terms of design, they look and feel like a full-sized stroller but to make it come into a portable package, there are a lot of features missing from an umbrella stroller. If you’re looking for something you can take to the park or mall with your baby, this is often the better choice.
  • Jogging stroller – As the name suggests, these are stroller types you can take jogging with you. These have sturdier and larger wheels that can make your baby feel comfortable even when going through rough roads and humps. Some jogging strollers can also be used as a car seat too so look for those. A problem with this is that jogging strollers are not as portable as umbrella strollers.
  • Double stroller – This is a very specific stroller and not everyone gets to have these. As the name suggests, double strollers feature two compartments that are meant for two toddlers so it’s a perfect choice if you have twins. Alternatively, you can remove the partition to give your baby more space.
  • Car seat carrier – A necessity if you have a car is a car seat carrier.  Although some strollers are convertible into car seat carriers, some aren’t. Car seat carriers turn your car seat into a safe compartment for your baby. You can take off the carrier and then carry it with your baby. 
  • Travel System – A good option for all-around functionality is a travel system stroller, It’s basically a hybrid between an infant car seat and a stroller. You can put the stroller in the trunk of your car while traveling and when you need it, simply take it out and attach it to the car seat.

You should pick your choice wisely. More often than not, parents go with the travel system or the full-sized stroller because these are all-around strollers that can be used by babies up until they can become toddlers. Though more pricey, the investment is well worth it.

How Much Are Strollers?

Strollers can be expensive which is why you should look for ones that can last your baby well into their toddler years. If it’s for the safety and comfort of your baby, is there really something as too much for a stroller? So long as you know what you are buying, any stroller is worth buying.

Ideally, you are looking to spend around $100-$500. The price is dependent on various factors such as the brand and the type of stroller you want to get. In terms of types, the most expensive are full-sized strollers and travel systems. The cheapest are the umbrella strollers.

There are some strollers which are far more expensive. Most high-end strollers can go up to $800-$1500, believe it or not. If you have the budget, go for these as these have a ton of great features including solar-powered chagrin ports and more.

What Important Features Should You Look For?

The number of features available for strollers can be intimidating at first. The key is to not get blinded by features that are too fancy. Just look for some of the basic features that are vital for every stroller”, for example the storage room below the carriage – you will thank me for having the space to keep all your baby essentials: extra diaper or two, some toys or even premade quality formula such as HIPP UK STAGE 1.

The first thing you should look for are safety features. These include emergency brakes at the handles, collision bumpers at the carriage, and frames at the bottom. The wheels also need the right amount of friction to keep moving well on the ground while ensuring that the stroller doesn’t slip on certain surfaces.

The stroller should also have a canopy that can protect your baby from the heat of the sun. This also helps lessen the amount of exposure they get while you are going out. It would be great if these can be detachable from the stroller.

Last but not the least, it is a must that the stroller is made out of washable fabric. It’s no longer a secret that babies tend to be messy little guys so it’s always better if your stroller is wash friendly as you’ll be washing it regularly.

Buying a troller can be intimidating especially if you don’t have friends that can help you out. While it’s tempting to buy the high-end strollers that you see only, it’s much better to be an informed buyer as well.