With the assistance of well-trained Calgary Garage Builders, the addition of a garage can enhance the value of your house by thousands of dollars. Also, the new garage can support your house sell faster as buyers like garages. They will be more likely to make the offer on your house in case they have the place of parking their cars and storing their bicycles as well as lawnmowers.

ROI (Return on Investment) and Real Estate Value

As per the National Cost Vs Value Report of 2013 by Remodelling Magazine, the standard return on the basic freestanding garage addition is approximately 63.7%. It means that in case one spends the national mean of $48,806 on the midrange 26-by-26 foot 2-car garage, this would add nearly $31,091 to your home’s resale value. Moreover, you can also go for Basement Development Calgary and get garage basements as they are also being loved among the buyers since it fuses every benefit of both basements and garages into a single area.

Plenty of Savings

Garages offer you additional storage space that may negate the requirement for you to purchase or rent the storage unit. Besides, you can utilize the garage as the workspace, permitting you to take care of several yard work or household repairs without having to hire the outside contractor.

Different options to choose from

The attached garage is less costly to build since it shares the wall with your current house. However, these price-savings can be reduced in case attaching a garage to your house presents any severe construction issues. A lot of people choose freestanding garage as they keep grime, fumes, and dirt out of the main home entirely. Having said that, in case you reside in the area specifically prone to cold weather, the attached one may be a better alternative since then you can get into the car without stepping outdoors.

Furthermore, make it a point that you opt for the best Roofing Company Calgary so that your experience of garage repairs and revamps remains a hassle-free experience.

Please note that adding the garage to the property has an ROI of 60%-80%. A garage addition can offer a variety of advantages for house owners. Not only do the garages offer shelter for cars as well as other vehicles, but they also add space to store holiday decorations, household items, and tools. Needless to say, adding the garage can add to the value of your house that can boost your ROI and equity while selling your property.