Glass office partitions are a popular way of zoning in a modern office. They separate the place of one worker from another. By correctly dividing the space, you can create comfortable working conditions for all employees. This is especially true when the office is large and there are more than ten people in one room.

The workplace is an important part of any office. It has been proven that an employee feels much better when they have their own space during a conference or a meeting. Creating a functional space for employees in an office environment is challenging but it can be done. It is enough to purchase CommercialGlassPartitions glass office partitions and correctly zone the space — the problem is solved.

The following types of partition walls for office are used:

  • Stationary partition. The main purpose of this partition is to completely separate part of the room with glass walls. The stationary partition is most often made with double glass, which increases the level of sound insulation.
  • Mobile partition. This partition is also called modular. If it becomes necessary to create a small separate corner in the office, install this type of glass partition. The mobile partition is also used to create a separate working and comfortable place for the employee. Of course, in this case, there is no sound insulation. But this partition is mobile. It can be rearranged to any place.
  • Sliding partition. This is a structure that consists of sliding glass modules and divides the room into separate sections.

Office partitions made of glass have useful aesthetic properties in addition to excellent performance. They will help visually expand the space of the room and make it lighter.

Glass Office Partitions: Why They Can Be Right for You

Most often, glass partitions are installed in offices. Still, they must meet three important parameters:

  • Crash safety
  • Fire resistance
  • Reliability

Installation of toughened and impact-resistant glass walls ensures the safety of structures during its use, i.e. even if the glass breaks, it will remain on the film or crumble into many blunt fragments that can’t injure a person. And fire resistance means that the product passes tests under the influence of high temperature, which should be reflected in the accompanying documents.

Glass office walls can be bought from the CommercialGlassPartitions company. With their help, you not only delimit the free space in the premises but also correctly adjust the level of visibility and lighting. You can also select the type of glass in the interior partitions.

The price of a glass wall is a significant advantage for entrepreneurs who are going to re-plan an office space. In the CommercialGlassPartitions company, you can order glass partition walls for offices and create many independent workplaces, distributing free space in rooms rationally. In addition, natural light in the work area has a very positive effect on the productivity of all employees. Therefore, glass partitions from CommercialGlassPartitions are bought much more often than structures made of other materials.