Whether you like it or not, you may be faced with the need to arrange a move for yourself or your colleagues. A few tips to keep in mind when choosing apartment movers in Houston.

To understand this abundance and make the right decision, you need to pay attention to several factors:

  • Reputation and sufficient experience in the cargo transportation market. This guarantees you reliability, the availability of a proven scheme and recommendations;
  •  Availability of own warehouses in case of responsible storage of things during the move;
  •  Availability of a list of clients on the official website of the company, a large number of letters of thanks and recommendation, positive reviews;
  •  Own fleet of modern vehicles. And, although it is impossible to predict all possible situations, a serious company will definitely calculate the best route and approximate delivery time;
  •  Provision of load insurance services;
  •  Availability of a full range of services, and a large staff of highly qualified personnel;
  •  Conclusion of the contract and agreement of prices with the customer, which takes place after the appraiser’s departure to the place;
  •  Providing guarantees of compensation for damage that occurred through the fault of the carrier;
  •  Provision of packing containers and packers;
  •  Delivery of completed work;
  •  Possibility of complex service on a long-term basis;
  •  High level of service.

Sources/Primary Selection

Wherever you look for information about moving companies (question friends, search the Internet, look at guides, visit exhibitions), pay attention to how many years the company has been on the market, and how customers respond to it.

As a rule, companies focused on high-quality service provision value their name and reputation very much.


Use a manager visit option or make an appointment with employees of selected companies. At the meeting, you will be able to evaluate their compulsion/punctuality, as well as communicate and get an idea of the adequacy and professionalism of the employees.


Firstly, no matter what minor work is ahead (even just rearranging the furniture in an apartment or office), the contract simply needs to be – the company’s employees work with your property, you must be protected from any possible situations (damage to property, finishing an apartment or office). Do not work without a contract.

Choose companies whose subject of the contract is a set of services related to moving. Pay attention to the point “responsibility of the contractor” – some moving companies, in addition to liability for damage or damage to property, also take responsibility for damage caused to the property of third parties.

It may take time to familiarize yourself with the contract, so we recommend that you request it in advance, for example, by e-mail.


Check if the company has any mechanism for resolving complaints and quality control and whether it has its own quality control service. The presence of such a mechanism in the company indicates the company’s focus on providing quality services and constantly improving the quality of work of its employees.

Of course, an important issue is a cost of moving. On the one hand, the work of movers can be higher than the cost of the usual transportation of personal belongings. On the other hand, you will save personal time and effort. And you can spend them communicating with the family, choosing cozy little things or furniture for a new home, and just relaxing.