Located in the Gautam Buddh Nagar, in Uttar Pradesh, Noida is one of the best places to stay with family. Though some of the areas lack security,you can rent a flat in Noida from the following residential areas.

#1 Sector – 1

Noida is growing as a real estate hub. It shares its boundaries with Ghaziabad and some of the areas of the Greater Noida. This sector is on rapid growth and holds prominence, on account of the affordable flats on rent in Noida.The sector has got good connectivity between the locations such as Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Delhi, and Noida. Lately, Noida is gaining traction as a commercial place, as top companies are gradually making inroads into the city.

The city boasts its planning as a residential sector and it offers a good stay for the residents.The sector is established near hospitals, schools, and other institutions. Besides this, there are a large number of shopping malls.

The nearest metro station to Sector-1 Noida is Sector-15 Metro Station.

#2 Sector -15

If you are a bachelor looking for a happening place to live, you should look for rental flats in Noida in Sector-15. This locality is a hot place for bachelors, as the area has a large number of restaurants, cafes, and food joints. Besides this, there are a large number of shopping malls and market that cater to the shopping needs of people.
Sector -15
Here, you can rent a flat in Noida at an affordable price. Other key places and convenience stores such as medical, educational facilities, and recreational hubs.

#3 Sector – 47

If you are looking for ‘the place’ to stay in Noida, you can rent a flat in Sector-47.This place is home to a number of IT hubs, besides the residential properties. The location is near to the metro station—Aquatic Line.Sector-47 also consists of tight security, which makes it a top place for rental flats in Noida. This locality is especially good, if you are coming to Noida along with your family. Being near to the metro station, residents of this locality can easily access the other places of Noida and Delhi.

There are a number of other infrastructures such as hospitals, malls, and schools, which further makes it convenient for individuals.

#4 Sector 75 and 76

The rent trends in sectors 75 and 76 are relatively low. You can even look for a 3 BHK flat to rent in Noida, which will fall in your budget. In order to rent a 1 BHK flat in these sectors, you can look at the range of Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 20,000 and for renting an apartment with 3 BHK, the prices can be around Rs. 13,000 to Rs, 45,000.

There is the Noida City Centre Metro Stationat about 3 Km from the sectors 75 and 76, which can make it easier for people to commute to other parts of the city.

#5 Sector – 19

If you are looking for a place to stay as a bachelor and have the time of your life, you can choose to look for rental flats in sector-19. You can get a flat on rent in Noida at an affordable price. In this sector, you can find restaurants and other places of necessities at a near distance.

#6 Sector – 22

If you wish to rent a flat in Noida in a highly developed locality, then trust us, you are talking about sector-22.The locality has been densely populated for a long time now. In this locality, you will find a number of bachelors renting a flat and staying in here.If you are planning to move into Noida along with your family, this is one of the ideal places to stay at affordable rates. Besides residential areas, there are a number of other facilities that include educational facilities, medical hubs, and recreational hangout places.

#7 Sector – 55 and 56

When people think Noida, they think it as a crime hub. So, when you are moving to Noida, it is obvious that safety and security are going to be the number one criteria for you. If this is the case, you should definitely consider looking for rental flats in sector 55 and sector 56.The locality has got all the means of safety including CCTV cameras, which makes it resident-friendly. Besides this, it is one of the prime locations to dwell in Noida. The other destinations of use such as ATMs, markets, hospitals, schools, etc. are also available in this locality, thereby enhancing the convenience.

#8 Sector – 137

Sector – 137
If travelling is your number one concern, out of the other criteria, then you should definitely look for a rental flat in Noida in sector – 137. The locality is at close proximity with Noida Expressway. Not only this, the locality is home to an IT hub, which means you do not have to take the hassle of travelling a long distance from home to work and vice versa.This residential hub is connected to the Noida’s Metro line-Aquatic Line. In addition, the locality also boasts the presence of schools, hospitals, and other convenience stores.

#9 Sector – 44

Sector-44 is located near the main road and serve as an ideal location for you to rent a flat in Noida. If you don’t have a lot of budget on rental flats, this is the place to be to find affordable 1BHK flats. The locality has access to the Botanical Garden metro station, and other key places such as City Centre and Sector- 18.

Since Noida holds the position of a developed city, there are many brokers who charge excessively. This way, if someone new is moving into Noida, he may be deceived to find out that the place is of cheaper value. If you want to know the real rent trend in Noida, let us know your preferred location and we will provide you with a list of the rental flats you should look at.