Clean Lawn

Fallen leaves, tiny twigs, grass clippings, and other types of debris can cause a lot of clutter in your lawn. The amount of clutter will increase if you ignore cleaning for a long time. There is way of making it a less-time consuming and a bit enjoyable job. You should use a leaf blower to clean dead leaves and other debris from your lawn. Yes, you have a broom but it can damage your turf and take a long time to clear all the clutter. That’s why leaf blowers are pretty useful power tools. There are several different types of leaf blower, which are as follows:

Handheld leaf blower

Handheld leaf blower
Handheld leaf blowers are pretty popular among users for better versatility and maneuverability. These are lightweight power tools which you can use easily to clean gazebos, porches, and a small lawn in front of your house. An average quality handheld leaf blower is suitable for blowing lightweight objects such as dead leaves, twigs, dirt, and dust. It is not a suitable option when it comes to remove some heavy debris from the lawn. You get the following options in handheld leaf blowers:

  • Corded electric blowers

    Corded electric blowers

A corded electric blower can be a perfect power tool for you if you like single hand use. It is a lightweight tool that may weigh up to 8 pounds. You just need to plug the cord and push a button to start this blower. This blower makes noise when in operation and it can generate power equal to a handheld gas blower for a long time.

Though a corded electric blower is a powerful option for cleaning debris from walkways and lawn, but you cannot rely on it for cleaning large areas. It does not offer greater mobility because of the cord. You can use it within a certain radius and that is a major drawback, when it comes to cleaning debris from a large lawn.

  • Cordless electric blower

The cordless electric blower is another popular choice among homeowners, who do not have a large size garden area. This power tool is designed to handle lighter tasks such as a small garden, backyard, and walkways needed to get cleared. Just like corded blowers, this type of models is also highly maneuverable and versatile. You can also use it for cleaning the dust from areas where you cannot use your vacuum cleaner. It has many features that make it a perfect choice for small cleaning jobs.

This power tool is not a feasible choice when it comes to cleaning large size gardens and heavy debris from the garden. You need to charge the battery time-and-again when using this blower. You cannot rely on it to clean leaves and other organic debris from a remote campsite.

  • Gas-powered handheld blowers

    Cordless electric blower

A gas powered handheld blower is the right choice for you, if you do not want to struggle with the cord and also when you do not want to charge the battery time-and-again to keep the blower in action. This leaf blower is designed to produce good power and blow away normal debris from the lawn. You can quickly finish lawn cleaning job in a dry-sunny day by using this power tool. Though it is a bit noisier than cordless electric blower, it is also maneuverable and versatile.

Pushing a button will not be enough to start a gas powered leaf blower because this machine starts when you pull the chord. This power tool burns fuel and releases smoke while in operation. You should not consider it if the use of gas powered leaf blowers is banned in your city.

Backpack leaf blowers:

A backpack leaf blower is probably the best choice for cleaning medium to large size lawns. This blower produces more power than a handheld blower and offers a longer run time than handheld blowers. Cleaning debris from a garden would be quite easy when you are using this power tool. In addition, you can also use it for cleaning clutter from your garage, large campsite fields, and large shops. A handheld leaf blower cannot perform well when it comes to cleaning wet twigs, leaves, metal shavings, and pebbles, but a gas-powered backpack blower can easily blow these objects.

The main issue with backpack blowers is the noise these power tools produce when in action. Some poor quality models may also release polluted air to blow debris. Therefore, you should choose a backpack blower wisely to pick an environment-friendly unit.

Gas-powered wheeled blowers

Gas-powered handheld blowers
The gas-powered wheeled blowers are heavy machines, designed to tackle heavy objects spread across the lawn and other worksites. You do not need to worry when you have this power tool and a large garden to clear. It can produce enough power to remove wet leaves, wet grass, metal shavings, small to medium sized twigs, and other debris from your garden. It is a powerful tool and therefore it also consumes more gas than handheld and backpack blowers.

It is obvious that a gas-powered wheeled or walk-behind is not for cleaning a small yard. You should consider the other types of leaf blower, if you want to need this power tool only for cleaning a small region. It releases a lot of polluted air and therefore it is not a feasible option to use in the residential regions. Prefer it only when you have a large lawn with oak and other trees.

What type of leaf blower is the best for you?

Each type of leaf blower is good but under different situations. When you want to clear a small region around your home, a handheld leaf blower is a great choice. Though, it can only clean lightweight and small debris. A backpack leaf blower is perfect for cleaning all kinds of lawns and areas. You should read more at Verellenhc to reveal more interesting facts about backpack blowers and the best backpack blower models. Consider the gas-powered wheeled blowers only if you want to clear twigs, leaves, and other heavier debris from a large area.