The end of the tenancy is a critical period for the landlord and tenant for a number of reasons. One of the important ones is the bond cleaning services that are performed for moving out successfully. The final purging of lease property is the responsibility of every tenant. Depending on the availability of time, information and other factors the tenant can do it himself or hire a professional end of lease cleaning Rozelle. 

Secure Your Bond

At the beginning of the tenancy, it is common for landlords to keep a certain amount as a security deposit. This amount is returned when the period of tenancy ends with the tenant moving out without causing any damage to the property and leaving the property in the same condition as it was at the time of renting. Little wear and tear of the property are normal and acceptable. But if severe damage or lack of sanitation makes the property unsuitable for further habitation and leasing, then the landlord has the right to use the deposited money partially or completely to get the sanitation and repairs done by the experienced end of lease cleaning experts. 

You Are Bound Legally To Perform It

The agreement of lease signed between the tenant and the landlord is a legal binding contract in which most landlords have a clause for the end of lease cleaning. It is a necessary activity that is to be performed to return the property in the same condition as it was at the start of the tenancy. Tenants have to ensure that the property is a sanitizer, clean, and habitable after their lease period is over to move out. In case a tenant refuses to get the end of lease cleaning done, the landlord has the right to use the bond money to return the property to its original state. He can take legal action against the tenant if the house is damaged considerably or is inhabitable. 

Should You Go For The End Of Lease Cleaning?

This is a question most tenants ask when leaving the rented property for the first time. To get the reply there are a lot of factors to consider and some of the most important factors are mentioned below.

  • Read the agreement of lease to find out if there is any clause regarding hiring the professional end of lease cleaning.
  • Did the landlord have the property purged by the professionals before the beginning of the Tenancy?
  • If you have pets then speak to the landlord about taking the help of professionals because this is required in most of the cases.
  • Check the condition of the property, the time available, and the support to know if the end of lease cleaning can be done on your own.
  • Check that you have the right cleaning equipment and supplies required for the activity along with the correct knowledge of techniques to be used. 


Each tenant has to perform the important task of end of lease cleaning of the rented house to secure the bond money and to move out of the house without any hassle. If you are a lessee, it is needed to understand the reasons mentioned above to know why bond cleaning is so important.