It’s important to start and end your day with a fresh mindset, and the bathroom is the best place to do so. To set the mood for a new day, take a bath and enjoy a relaxing shower. If you’re tired from all the hard work you’ve done today, not even anything can help you relax like a good shower.

However, more often than not, homeowners tend to overlook showerheads. Your bathroom experience depends on a number of factors.

For instance, countertops and vanities also play a huge role in determining your satisfaction. But the protagonist in your bathroom is the showerhead. Make no mistake—the quality of your showerhead has the potential to transform your entire bathroom experience. Therefore, they deserve a little more attention. Head to our favorite for great reviews! 

Types of Showerheads

There are a variety of showerheads to choose from, but it is your need that will determine which design is best for you. Choosing one that works well with your lifestyle makes a whole lot of difference. That’s why it’s important to know the different types of showerheads.

Wall Mounted Single-Head Showerheads

This bowl-shaped showerhead attaches directly to the elbow pipe in a standard bathroom. It’s a single-head, making it simple while flexible at the same time for a more pleasant shower experience.

Ceiling Showerheads

One of the many advantages of this type of shower head is that it is positioned just above your head. The showerhead creates a rain-like feeling, which is quite refreshing.

Hand-Held Showerheads

This showerhead connects to the shower’s elbow with an affixed hose. It can be easily detached, making your showerhead more flexible.

Choose the Right Showerhead

Typically, you wouldn’t think about showerhead replacement unless something requires you to. Choosing the right showerhead may seem like a piece of cake, but when you go to the store, and you’re faced with a bunch of different designs, it starts to get a bit overwhelming.

That being said, make sure you take other factors into consideration, such as the water pressure, size, and functionality, before choosing a showerhead.

Water Pressure

To determine which type of showerhead is suitable, check the water pressure in your home. The water flow is dependent on how much pressure there is from the shower head. In other words, the water pressure in your home plays a big role in selecting the right showerhead.

Generally, 40-60 psi is adequate for most showerheads. If your home doesn’t have the necessary water pressure, water will flow inconsistently and thus lose its strength to work effectively. If someone prefers less water flow or wants a gentler feel for their skin, then they should get a showerhead that offers lower pressure.


Showerheads come in various sizes. It will help determine if the head would look too big or small on the wall above your tub or shower stall. 


What kind of showerhead do you want? There are plenty of options, and they vary in the type and intensity of spray they offer.

Most showerheads come with multiple settings that can easily be adjusted to your preference. First, find out what kind of shower you like, and then find a showerhead that offers it.

The basic settings on a showerhead include: 

Wide spray: This is typically the default setting where the water is consistently sprayed out of all the nozzles.

Rinse: The water is poured out of the nozzles in the center.

Targeted: The water is sprayed out of a few nozzles, harder than normal.

Pulsating spray: The water is sprayed out in an alternate manner.

The Right Showerhead Makes a Difference

You thought your home’s insufficient water pressure would get in the way of showering, but think again. Water pressure doesn’t have to slow you down anymore with showerheads made for modern showers. You can maximize water flow without increasing the volume.

If you fork out for something, of course, you want to ensure you get the most out of it. In this case, you want to get the best shower experience.

For example, you might want a handheld showerhead that conveniently allows you to wash your children or pets whenever they need it. Likewise, if you enjoy a long hot shower every now and then, you’ll appreciate the hydro-saving option of some types of showerheads since showers are one of the highest water-using appliances.

If you want a showerhead that does more than offer hot and cold water options, then you need to set your sights on one that has numerous spray settings, adjustable height, and the ability to save water. These features will make a big difference in your shower experience.


Choosing your favorite showerhead is relatively simple if you know your preference. Make sure you consider practicality as much as style and appearance.

If you’re looking for an enhanced shower experience, choosing the right showerhead can make a whole lot of difference, as your showerhead has the power to relieve tension and improve your mood!