Three couple with sparklers enjoying Christmas outdoor party in the city street at night and with a lot of lights on background.

The end of the year is fast approaching again. It can be unbelievable how quickly we take a trip around the sun, and equally unbelievable all the things that can happen in one year. And 2021 has been a full-on year for many people worldwide. 

That’s why it is time to get excited about Christmas approaching – after all, you deserve a lovely winter break after this year, you’ve earned it. And what better way to unwind than to enjoy time with friends and family at home. 

In this helpful article, we’ll share how to turn your backyard into a winter wonderland that is perfect for entertaining outdoors this Christmas. 

Heat Your Outdoor Space

You don’t want to entertain outdoors without heating for outdoor areas. Because, as the host, it’s your job to ensure that your guests stay comfortable, warm and cozy as you share food and drink this winter holiday.

So, invest in some heating solutions for your backyard. These might be standalone gas heaters or electric heating strips. Make sure that whatever heating solution you use is sufficient to keep all your guests warm and comfortable as you entertain. 

Serve Hot Drinks

As well as using outdoor heating to keep your guests warm, consider serving some hot drinks as well. There’s nothing quite like wrapping your hands around a warm mug of cocoa or chai tea and slowly sipping that tasty beverage to warm the cockles.

Now, cocoa and chai tea are great options, but here’s a tip that will set you apart as a great host. Make some mulled wine to serve. It’s pretty easy to make – just check out this simple recipe. Mulled wine is a perfect winter drink for adults, with the cinnamon and other spices providing delicious warmth, which the wine does as well. Give the kids some non-alcoholic eggnog or a cup of hot cocoa, so they feel special too. 

Christmas Tunes

The next step is to invest in some outdoor speakers. This could be as simple as a portable Bluetooth speaker, although you should make sure to charge it before your event.

A step up from a portable speaker is to install outdoor speakers linked to your home hifi, in your yard. You can install these on your back porch or from the ceiling of a pergola. 

You can then play some Christmas tunes, which will set the mood and turn your backyard into a winter wonderland. Think Michael Bublé, Mariah Carey, and all those Christmas pop albums that have been produced throughout the decades.

Lighting Ambience

Another way to turn your backyard into a magical space for Christmas is to make sure that you have some festive lighting.

Nothing says Christmas more than red, green and white fairy lights strung around your yard and from tree branches. You could also hang some very festive festoon lights.

If you are conscious about the environment or just conscious of your energy bill, you can find solar-powered Christmas lights to use. Just keep in mind that if the day is overcast, they may not charge properly, so it might be good to have a wall powered backup, just in case.

The lighting will add a subtle and soft ambience to your outdoor space and enchant your guests.

The Little Touches

Finally, add some little Christmas touches to your yard to finish off the winter wonderland. You might decorate some trees and shrubs with Christmas ornaments or build a snowman with your kids if it snows in your area. You might provide reindeer horns for guests to wear or Santa hats for the kids. 

Any little touch that will add to the cheer and vibe for the holiday is worth doing. 

A Cheerful Christmas Conclusion

It’s pretty easy to turn your outdoor space into a winter wonderland for Christmas, as we’ve explained here. Use the tips above to make sure your guests are warm, comfortable, and become enchanted by your decorations and holiday cheer. From outdoor heating to warm drinks, we’ve covered it all. Now go forth and be merry!