Christmas is around the corner; have you been looking for decorations that gives a brighter look than the normal lights? You might have noticed a lot of these LED lights are of poor quality. Do you feel the need to switch up the decoration for this year or are you the type of person who feels the need to invest on a good pair of decorative lights and just use that year on year? It’s just extremely simple and convenient to place an order for these premium quality lights by Marchpower that have a different touch to it by having unique shapes.

To give a little bit more perspective of these cute lights by Marchpower has brought especially for you during this festive season I would be more than happy to give a detailed description on these exquisite lights we have designed for the convenience and aesthetics of your home sweet home. 

Let’s begin with the Christmas Crystal Ball Icicle Lights

It’s Low on voltage due to which energy can be saved to a large extend, This white crystal ball icicle lights are UL-Certified and has been rated as IP44 waterproof and is also approved for indoor/outdoor use, with input 100-240V and output 30V, Low-voltage safe enough to work. They are energy saving as well as great decorative items for your home.Tried and tested, has been rated up to 100,000 hours of use.

This model of lights by Marchpower outdoor LED globe icicle fairy lights have female plugs for easy end-to-end connectivity. It can connect up to 5 light sets end-to-end, using our Maximum 50m/164ft length to decorate your home in any creative manner that you like. The design has been done in such a way that even if one of the LED lights are effected the rest will not be shut down. 

Collection of 8 different Flash Modes is given to the customer. There is freedom to choose any one of these 8 different mode of flashing. How you can change from one more to another you may ask? The light box is a direct and easy approach, you can cycle the different modes or functionalities by one simple press. There are the variety of functions available – Combination, In Waves, Sequential, Slo-Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle, or Steady.

These are IP44 Waterproof Outdoor Rated Icicle Lights. We have these light that are Ideal for Holiday Decoration Lights or decoration of your room in general. These Christmas LED globe Icicle lights are IP44 rated, which is the reason why we can make use of these light both indoor and outdoor. But, when we use these lights indoors, there is a requirement of these lights to be plugged in, this is because the transformer is not sufficiently weather-protected for the environment that is outside. They add more happiness and great positive ambiance to any room or environment. 

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Moving on to our next collection of Led light which is the Diamond Christmas Tree Lights by Marchpower.

One of the main reasons this is unique is due to the shape of the unique shape of LED lights, they are diamond in shape , each of the hexagonal prismatic lamp beads has 13 faces that creates a diamond like cut, which makes the light 4 times brighter than traditional LED light string, create much brighter light than the traditional ones and more vivid colors to decor your Christmas Porch Column, Christmas Tree, New Year, Birthday, party, family dinner or wedding, outdoors and indoors decoration lights. 

There are 8 combination of lightning modes even in this option along with the memory function feature that let’s you pick up the setting right from where it was left off. IP44 Waterproof Warm White Xmas Tree Lights goes perfectly hand in hand with the vibe of Christmas at your house. This is extremely safe choice of decoration and gives the bright look you have always wanted. It’s pretty low in voltage and has been UL588 certified. This comes in a roll just to assure you that it will be easy to unwrap as well as arrange it back if you don’t need these decorations anymore.

In case there has been any issues with these string lights, please feel free to contact our customer service. Make sure its kept away from our furry friends as well as kids. Do not place it in the middle of the floor, these are just simple precautions for your safety. Decorating your house with these diamond shaped LED lights gives a classy look and feel. 

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