Synthetic grass may seem like a product that is relatively limited in its use. To be sure, if your only exposure to artificial turf is green-covered porches from the 1960s, synthetic grass would, indeed, seem to have limited usefulness. Thanks to continual development and improvement, however, today’s artificial grass is an entirely different product than what you’re likely picturing in your mind. These improvements mean that synthetic grass has a vastly increased range of uses around your home. In short, the best place to put artificial grass is just about anywhere. However, here are some specific applications for you to consider.

1. Around the Pool

Keeping your pool perfectly clean is already a full-time job. When you consider all the dirt and debris that swimmers’ feet bring into the pool, it makes the job that much harder. With synthetic turf, however, it is easy to keep dirt out of your pool, since swimmers’ feet never actually touch the soil that is underneath the turf surface. On top of that, it is nearly effortless to remove any dirt and debris that accumulate on the surface of the turf, meaning you can always have a perfectly clean surface for swimmers to walk on.
Around the Pool

2. On the Golf Course (In Your Backyard)

If you want your backyard putting green to be as beautiful as Augusta National, you could spend countless hours watering, fertilizing, and grooming natural grass. Or, you could install artificial turf and call it a day. Synthetic grass makes a great choice for a putting surface since it is always the same height, allowing you to practice your stroke without any interference. Plus, there’s no risk of your perfectly manicured surface being ruined by flooding or pests as there is when you use traditional turf.

3. Entertainment Hotspots

If there’s one thing that can ruin grass faster than any other, it’s actually doing stuff on the grass. If you like having people in your backyard, though, it’s essential to find a way to protect those areas where people tend to congregate. Likely, you’re already doing this in some way through the use of pavers, gravel, or some other durable material. Why not install synthetic turf in these areas, instead, so you can have a consistent look across your entire backyard without having to worry about excessive wear and tear?

4. The Entire Backyard

Let’s face it: when the summer heat drags on, the last thing you want to do is care for the grass in your backyard. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: your backyard should be a place to relax whenever you would like. With artificial turf Sydney SurfaceIT in place, hard yard work becomes a thing of the past. Suddenly, the entire space becomes perfect for pets, games of kickball and tag, or simply lounging around in a lawn chair. With so much extra time on your hands, the possibilities are endless.

5. Pathways

Have you ever noticed, at parks, those strips of bare dirt that have been worn through the grass by people taking a shortcut? The same will happen in your yard unless you cover those areas in something more durable than traditional grass. While blocks or bricks certainly do the trick, they can interrupt the look and feel of the perfect, green backyard. Plus, these materials can be murder on your bare feet on a hot day, meaning you need to wear shoes simply to go into your own backyard. With synthetic turf, you have the lush, green look you’re seeking without any of the heat retention.

6. Mounds and Hills
In Oakland, California, there resides a small, old-fashioned amusement park that brings fairy tales to life. One of its many attractions is a simple hill that kids can run, slide, or roll down to their heart’s content. Guess what that hill is covered with? If you guessed synthetic grass, you’d be right. Beyond providing a fun and safe surface to enjoy hills, however, synthetic grass makes sense on hillsides because it doesn’t require any mowing or weed prevention, two tasks that can be quite tricky on hills of any height.

7. The Entire Front Yard

If you’re like most people, your front yard mainly exists to impress your neighbors. However, even though your front yard isn’t used much, it still requires extensive care and maintenance. In some cases, depending on how your property is laid out, your front yard may even be bigger than your backyard, a frustrating reality given the lack of utility your front yard offers. To alleviate this problem, then, you could utilize synthetic turf over the entire area of your front yard. This solution allows for easy maintenance, and it ensures you’ve always got your best foot forward for your neighbors.

8. Sports Fields

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard that is large enough for a sports field of some kind, artificial turf makes an excellent choice for its surface. Artificial grass provides the uniformity that will ensure a lower occurrence of sprained ankles and broken arms. Plus, if you’ve got a future sports superstar on your hands, it’s entirely possible that they’ll be playing on artificial turf at their future home stadium, so it’s great to be able to get them used to it now.

9. A Place for the Pooch

Dogs are notoriously hard on traditional grass. They tend to hang out in certain areas, causing bare spots around the yard. Plus, their urine might as well be bottled and sold as grass killer because of its incredible ability to turn grass brown. With a synthetic lawn, all these problems are eliminated. Additionally, artificial lawns are incredibly easy to clean when your dog does answer nature’s call. Add in a little shade to protect those sensitive paws, and you’ve got the perfect outdoor retreat for your four-legged friend.

10. Room for the Kiddos

Room for the Kiddos
Kids thrive on time spent outdoors having fun and playing with friends. Just like dogs, though, kids can be tough on a traditional lawn. Ride-on toys flatten grass while constant games of tags wear it thin. That’s not to mention all the dirt and grass that find their way into your home. Fortunately, synthetic turf can transform a kids’ play area, making it safer, cleaner, and more fun. Better drainage ensures no muddy clothes, and a manicured surface means no trips and falls. It truly is the perfect compromise.