If you’re used to handling the repairs and upgrades in your own home, it might seem like a natural impulse to take on your exterior house painting as well. After all, compared to handling electrical issues or building furniture a little paint job might not seem like a big deal.

However, putting together a DIY paint job successfully can be far more complicated than most people initially assume. This is especially true if you live in a large house or one that has a more unusual shape. No one likes to have to budget for extra help, but in the case of painting your home exterior, it might be the right way to go.

What trouble might you run into? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

1. Accidents Can Happen

There’s nothing more innocuous-sounding than a simple DIY painting job, but that’s where the real danger lies. You’d be shocked to hear how many accidents occur each year due to homeowners taking on their own upkeep and repairs.
Accidents Can Happen
Getting high up on uneven surfaces like grass and gravel can be a recipe for disaster. This can be doubly true if the equipment you’re using isn’t safe and sturdy. You might love that old ladder you’ve had in the garage since ’98, but it might not be as fully functioning as it once was.

If you rely on it and it falls it could be your own body that pays the price. It’s best to avoid this risk and let a professional take on the job. If you really have to do it yourself, it’s worth talking to somewhere like this scaffold company to ensure you have the equipment you need to stay safe.

2. You Might Lose Money

Most people take on a DIY project because they don’t want to fork over the money needed for a professional service. How disappointed would you be to find out that doing it via the DIY method might end up being pricier at the end of the day?

Factor in the costs of everything you’ll need to purchase: the paint, the ladder, the primers, paintbrushes and rollers, painter’s tape, and so forth. Then consider the cost of further layers of paint if you make any kind of mistake, which you very well might.

These costs might begin to resemble or even surpass what you might pay a professional. These professionals use these tools over and over on jobs, allowing them to charge a more reasonable fee. Go with them and you might save yourself trouble AND money.

3. Requires Time and Stress

Requires Time and Stress
It’s hard to understate just how much time painting the entire exterior of a home can require. It can be hard, grueling, and stressful work.

If you’re already working another full-time job, it can be nearly impossible to figure out how to fit in the time to do this new job as well. Save yourself the headache and get someone to do it for you.

Avoiding the DIY Paint Job

It can be tempting to embrace the DIY paint job mentality for the exterior of your home. Unfortunately, there are many drawbacks like the above that you might want to consider.

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