Netflix is a popular choice. When speaking about the most-used streaming site, Netflix is definitely the first thing that comes to mind. But it is not the only choice we can make use of and share our pleasures. There are still hundreds of streaming platforms worldwide that can offer you overflowing satisfactions. Hulu is the best example of those platforms. It provides advanced and convenient services you probably don’t know about.

Hulu lets users watch their favorite TV shows and films using any devices. It may not be too famous as how Netflix rules our devices, but it can still offer you the best streaming service. Check out this list of benefits you can fully experience when choosing Hulu as your number one choice.

If you’re looking for ways to watch Hulu outside of the US, you’ll need a best vpn for streaming. A VPN will allow you to connect to a US-based server, which will give you access to Hulu’s full library of content.

You Can Watch Latest Episodes

This is perfect for people fond of watching various TV shows every day. Hulu offers thousands of shows that can surely give them pleasure. You will definitely love its service because of its frequent latest shows updates.

This is one of the most recommended streaming platforms that won’t let subscribers wait too long just to watch the latest episode. It’ll be available on Hulu the day after it’s aired. Regular updates to their library are one of the service’s priorities.

Offers A Live TV

To improve the streaming experience of its subscribers, the company introduced its Live TV beta service. This allows them to watch shows from popular channels. Moreover, Hulu offers a month free trial and a seven-day free trial for its Live TV. Its regular subscription ranges from $7.99 to $11.99 per month for commercial packages and commercial-free content.

Allows You To Stream Its Original Content

Hulu is one of those best streaming platforms nowadays that offer you their original content. You can watch various shows, films, and even documentaries that are initially distributed by the platform. This opportunity is fantastic if you are exploring.

Allows You To Include Add-Ons

By upgrading your plan, you can include many add-ons to your streaming experiences such as Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and HBO. These add-ons can be included in your Live TV or ad-supported plans. The plan is a better option than paying for a cable company.

Offers Multiple Streaming Options

If you choose it’s no ad plans, Hulu will allow you to download its app and sign on multiple devices. However, you can only use two devices at the same time. Its Live TV option also allows you to use two devices. For unlimited streaming, better opt for Live TV unlimited streaming for as low as $9.99. You can also share your account with your family members to save some extra cash.

Lets You Record Your Favorite Shows

Same with its famous competitors, Hulu allows you to record your favorite series or films so you can watch it later. This is especially helpful if you have some errands to do afterward or need some documentation. However, this option doesn’t come with the ability to fast-forward the scene in every commercial. You will have to watch the whole advertisement.

You can upgrade the plan to $9.99 monthly if you want to get the fast-forward feature. This also offers you 200 hours of cloud Digital Video Recorder (DVR) storage. By choosing the plan, you can fully manage your DVRs as the service shows the storage amount left.

Its Clean Layout Gives You An Uncomplicated Navigation

Today, Hulu plus Live TV has one of the cleanest layouts, giving subscribers easy navigation. You can easily search on-demand programs, films, and series you want to watch using their straightforward navigation keys.

By 2020, Hulu has revamped its interface for its on-demand content. The entire home screen was improved, letting subscribers to easily discover the latest content in just a few clicks. Films, sports, and program categories have been included in its master navigation.

Allows You To Personalize Your Streaming Activity

One of the biggest strengths of Hulu is its ability to get you back to your favorite program in just a single click, in case you have missed it. The “Keep Watching” option lets you pick the show you have just left from watching. The “My Stuff” category helps you categorize and track the movies, sports events, and shows you have already watched.

Best TV Shows You Can Watch On Hulu

Hulu offers many on-demand TV shows that you can’t just stop watching. It crazed the public due to its original, fascinating content. With its streaming services and advanced features offered, the platform should be a big part of every movie enthusiast’s favorite list. Let’s take a look at these top shows that make the platform worth paying for.

Normal People

Sally Rooney’s Normal People follows a romantic story of Connell and Marianne. The show portrays how the two characters grew until their ups and downs journey to the university in Dublin. It makes you sympathize with every heartbreak they faced.

This Way Up

This Way Up follows the story of a woman with a nervous breakdown. This is somehow a comedy-drama with a shade of dark meanings in every joke. You will witness how a woman with a mentality problem can figure things.

Castle Rock

If you are a massive fan of Stephen King, this will surely give you thousands of reasons to love him more. His thrilling and horrifying stories inspired castle Rock with mystery themes. It has two seasons on Hulu, allowing you to enjoy the meanings of psychological horror.

Dimension 404

Dimension 404 is six mini-movies that explore the strange dimensions of our digital age. It contains a shade of dark humor with a touch of Black Mirror twist. This is especially recommended for people looking for weird and dark concepts.


Without question, Hulu should also rule your devices as it offers a ton of streaming benefits. You can fully enjoy it’s one month or seven-day trial if you are still in doubt, and let’s see how it changed your standards to streaming services. Normal People, Castle Rock, This Way Up, and Dimension 404 are just some of the best examples of shows you can watch on Hulu. Explore thousands of them by subscribing now.