The entertainment area is the dominant feature of the American living room. Nevertheless, given its iconic position, it is still ignored when it comes to organization — leading to a confounding jumble of cables, remotes, and DVDs. It’s quite annoying to watch your favorite movie with lots of clutter lying around.

If you want an organized entertainment system in your home, plan accordingly to save you time down the road. These are some tips and tricks to a more organized and clean entertainment center.

Choose a Shelving System

Choose a Shelving System
Take into consideration the floor area of the room you have and the size of the items you have to hold, pick a shelving system that is either self-contained or wall-mounted to accommodate your entertainment system.

Deciding a modular shelving system, such as an industrial post steel wire shelving, would allow you the freedom to adjust the solution as your requirements adjust. A flexible design that you can add to is also beneficial when needs shift. When choosing on shelving, be conscious of the scale of the materials.

Media Storage Solutions

While more and more people appreciate music and movies, many households do still have a vast selection of DVDs and CDs that they would like to keep. However, more and more these will pile into a large bulk that might damage your belongings. So, to fix this, you would need a few DVD storage solutions.

Decide whether your family needs to have daily access to such things. If this is the case, search for open cabinets and DVD storage that provide fast, simple access and can be placed on a shelf. When used less often, they may be placed in an appealing box on a hanging shelf.

Control the Cords

Control the Cords
Making sure you mark the cables around the connector with the form of wire and the unit to which it is attached. With this single move, you’re going to spare yourself a world full of problems later when you decide to change it.

You may use a mark creator or also reuse old bread bag reusable tags. Always make sure that the strings are reduced by wrapping up the extra length and locking it with a twist knot. This stops wires from being intertwined or frayed.

Put Away Unnecessary Clutter

Clean up your stuff after using them. You may use a small basket or container to place remote controls or remote controls within easy reach. Organize CDs, DVDs, or video games to save them from creeping up the coffee table. The main idea is to make sure that everything has a clear spot to go until you’re finished using them.

Clean Regularly

Making a concerted effort to clear everything from the shelf and vacuum it regularly. This avoids the collection of dust that can hinder the output of home electronics. It also lets you make certain that the chords are in good shape, that everything has been plugged in correctly, and to retrieve any remotes or disks that have gotten lost behind the racks.

Utilizing Power Strips

Utilizing Power Strips
Splitting the energy sources will go a long way to ensure that you will not unintentionally unplug the incorrect cable when switching devices or checking connections. It’s a smart way to conserve energy, too. You should use one power strip for gadgets that need to be running all the time, and also another power strip for things that are easy to shut off.

Categorize and Organize Your Media

Segregate CDs from DVDs and computer games, make a stack for each of them. Make sure that every disk is in the right position. Declutter, so you no longer have to make space for fresh media. Allocate a package or cabinet to the game consoles and gadgets.

Filter by type, theme, or alphabetically and put it in right-sized, clearly labeled enclosed bins or in the built-in shelving of your entertainment area. Centralize remote controls in another case, or allocate a drawer or shelf to them–finding the remote right is crucial once your favorite show comes on.

Shorten Your Cables and Wrap Like-Cables Together

Using zip links, cable chains, or Duct tape, minimize the cords such that they are the same length as the two machines they need to be. You will achieve so by winding the wire around your hand and attaching it to the brace of your choosing. Shorter cables are easier to handle and conceal.

If the wires have been condensed, the only approach to prevent it from getting messy again is to tie it back in the same way. For example, if you have three Power cords on your TV, bind all three of them together with your zip ties. Do this with the other cables you’ve got. The intention is that you’re putting it together in full to make it seem like one huge cord rather than three.


Your Entertainment center has an abundance of space to store your game equipment, videos, and remote controls. Keeping things clean and tidy would help the family and friends when it comes to recreation and leisure.