A gallery wall is an excellent way to showcase your personality and enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. While many people might think creating a gallery wall is an overwhelming task, the right set of tools can make it a seamless and enjoyable process. In this article, we will discuss five essential tools that you need to create a stunning gallery wall. From measuring and planning to hanging and perfecting your design, these tools will help you achieve a professional-looking result.

Measuring Tape and Level

Accurate measurements are crucial when creating a gallery wall, as they ensure that your artwork is spaced correctly and evenly. A measuring tape will help you determine the size of each frame, the spacing between them, and the overall dimensions of your gallery wall. It is also essential to use a level when installing your frames to make sure they are perfectly aligned and evenly spaced. A laser level can be particularly helpful in this case, as it allows you to project straight lines onto your wall to guide your frame placement.

Pencil and Painter’s Tape

Before you begin hanging your frames, it’s a good idea to plan out your gallery wall layout. Using a pencil and painter’s tape, you can create a rough sketch of your desired arrangement directly on your wall. This step not only helps you visualize your final design but also allows you to make adjustments and corrections without damaging your wall. Painter’s tape is an ideal choice for this process, as it can be easily removed without leaving residue or marks on your wall.

Picture Hanging Hardware

To securely hang your frames, you will need a variety of picture-hanging hardware, including picture hooks, nails, and wire. Depending on the weight and size of your frames, you may need to use different types of hardware to ensure they are properly supported. For heavier frames, consider using heavy-duty picture hooks, while smaller frames can be hung with standard picture hanging nails. Additionally, using picture hanging wire can help distribute the weight of your frames more evenly and provide added support.


A high-quality drill is essential for creating a gallery wall. With its versatile functionality, drills can handle a variety of tasks, making it perfect for creating your gallery wall. Drills offer exceptional power and control, allowing you to create precise holes in your wall without causing damage. Check out Woodsmith Drill Reviews to learn more about this indispensable tool and its various features that can make your gallery wall project a breeze.

Frame Alignment Tool

A frame alignment tool, also known as a frame spacer or levelling tool, is a handy gadget that helps you achieve perfectly aligned frames. These tools come in various sizes and styles, but their primary function is to ensure that your frames are evenly spaced and level. Some frame alignment tools even come with built-in levels and measurements, making it easier to create a consistent and visually appealing gallery wall.


Creating a gallery wall is an exciting and creative way to personalize your space and showcase your favourite pieces of art. By investing in these five essential tools – a measuring tape and level, pencil and painter’s tape, picture hanging hardware, the Woodsmith Drill, and a frame alignment tool – you can simplify the process and achieve a stunning result. With a little patience, planning, and the right tools, you’ll be well on your way to creating a beautiful and unique gallery wall that reflects your style and personality.