Your kitchen needs guidelines that will define its organization. This article has details of five golden rules that will redefine your kitchen space. 

Let’s face it, organization is one of the things that most homeowners struggle with within the kitchen. You can even invest in good cabinetry like shaker kitchen cabinets and still fail to enjoy good organization. This is why we have compiled a list of five golden rules that will help you keep an organized kitchen space.


If there were to be a single rule that will define your organizational approach in the kitchen – simplicity would be it.

It is a rule that helps you maximize your kitchen space by removing that which you don’t need. The key question here is – do I need this in the kitchen? If you ask yourself this question, you will find many items that are just filling your shaker kitchen cabinets unnecessarily.

Your target should be outdated equipment or items that you rarely use in the kitchen. It is usually hard to get rid of your kitchen items, thus, the importance of being bold when approaching this rule.

Keep similar things together 

How about improving your organizational appearance by putting similar things together? You could have a cupboard for mugs, plates, pots, or cleaning supplies different from each other. It will help you a lot when you want to access your kitchen items. 

Consider keeping regularly-used items closer

You need easy access to the items that you use regularly if you want to have a reasonable kitchen space. It will reduce the time spent looking for basic items like salt and pepper. You use your kitchen and know what you should have near your reach often.

Clean as you go 

Develop a habit of cleaning your kitchen as soon as you finish using it. This simple thing will always keep your shaker kitchen cabinets clean and improve general organization since you are able to find every kitchen item when you need them. It also helps to improve the overall cleanliness of the kitchen.

Build habits 

Finally, you should consider developing habits that keep your kitchen organized. For example, if you finish using a kitchen item, you should return it to where it should be immediately to avoid overcrowding the countertops.

These golden rules are sufficient to help you get started the right way if you want to keep your kitchen space organized.