Keeping a clean and clutter-free house is something we all try to aim for. Of course, it is not always easy, especially with the daily grind of work or parenthood that also demands your attention. It becomes easy to get overwhelmed than when you see your home become less and less tidy every day. What do you clean first? How much time would it take? Would it affect the rest of your day?

Instead of overthinking how to declutter your place, you should start devising a plan for how your house chores won’t spiral into chaos. Here are some easy-to-follow tips to keep your housework under control.

1. Keep Up with Daily Tasks

Keep Up with Daily Tasks

Having a daily routine that helps your house clean goes a long way. Taking 10-15 minutes every day to sweep your house floor, or pick up any mess you or your family has left lying around is way easier than taking two hours of your weekend doing the same thing. The problem with the latter too is you tend to dismiss it for the next weekend cleanup until you’re facing a mound of clutter that may take an entire weekend to sort out.

2. Hire a Home Cleaning Service

If you have kids and have full-time work, you know that even a 10-minute everyday clean up can still be too much to cram in your already busy schedule. Don’t fret, though, because hiring a home cleaning service is becoming a more normal option for busybodies out there. Check out house cleaning Houston for advance house cleaning services. You can schedule these cleaning services once or twice a week, while you are outside so they don’t interfere with your daily routine. Just make sure that you find a service provider that has a good reputation and track record so you feel confident that they’d take care of your home for you.

3. Make a Nightly Checklist

Make a Nightly Checklist

Make a list of things to tick off before you turn in for the night. Did you do all the dishes, or have you emptied the dishwasher? Is the bathroom sink free of clutter? Did you take out the trash? Did you put all your dirty clothes in the hamper? Fulfilling these tasks would help you start the next day with fewer things in mind, and would give you more time in the morning getting ready for the day ahead.

4. Go Big on the Weekend

Even if you may want your weekend to be free from cleaning, there may not be enough time during the weekdays to fulfil all house cleaning tasks. Chores, like vacuuming the floor, changing bed linens, and doing the laundry, can be done on the weekends, ideally on a Saturday, so you get to relax on Sunday before starting the week again. Get your whole family to participate in the task so it doesn’t become as overwhelming.

5. Monthly Decluttering

Monthly Decluttering

You know that pile of clothes you’ve been meaning to donate? It’s been covering dust on the bottom of your closet in the past three months. Remember when you said you’d throw out those broken Christmas decorations that are lying in a box somewhere in the garage? Well, it’s August now, and they’d probably be there next time the holidays roll around.

To avoid having too many items lying around your home that only makes things messy and unorganized, take time every month to declutter and get rid of your unwanted things. It’s easy to get behind house chores. Don’t worry, keeping housework under control is always easier said than done, especially with kids and work.

Delegating tasks at specific times can dramatically help you organize your chores, though, and keep your house squeaky clean. Most cleaning companies, such as Pristine Home Sydney, accept requests for a customised cleaning service and they can offer desired services at a time most suitable to their customers.