In a world where each move we make eventually costs us the environment, more and more people are becoming aware of recycling and waste management. However, somehow, there are still a few misconceptions regarding which items can be recycled and which ones are bound to end up in the dumpster for good.

So whether you are interested in doing a little recycling yourself or you are simply curious, here are six items that are recyclable.

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Cardboard Boxes


Cardboard boxes usually go straight into the dumpster when its contents are already used or transferred to a different container. And since it can easily take up so much space in your home or the garage, most people prefer to toss cardboard boxes out.

However, cardboard boxes, especially those that are still in good condition, can easily be recycled. If you are moving soon or know someone who is, these boxes can be used for storage. If you don’t want to hold on to them, though, consider donating or selling them to moving companies and businesses.


There is only so much a carpet can take. When it’s already worn, torn, and stained, it’s no surprise that you’ll be wanting to purchase a new one right away. But don’t just throw the old carpet away.

Some cities have a carpet reclamation facility where they use old and worn out carpets and take it away for recycling. If you don’t have one near you, consider contacting your carpet’s manufacturer and see if they are offering any recycling programs.

CDs And DVDs


Since it is now the digital era, CDs and DVDs are mostly left taking room in your storage and eventually be covered in dust. And whether they are carrying sentimental mementos inside, there’s no point in leaving them in their cases or throwing them out once they’re scratched. CDs and DVDs can be recycledinto many different materials, including decorative pieces for your home.

Ink Cartridges

Whether you own a business or you need one for home projects, owning a printer is a convenient way to get work done in a fast and efficient manner. However, using it comes with a price, and it takes in the form of ink cartridges. While most people throw them out as soon as they are empty, ink cartridges can still be recycled. The best option for this particular waste is to contact the manufacturer. You can also use your rubbish removal Vaucluse such as Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal to ensure its proper disposal.



Whether you are done with the style or need a different prescription, eyeglasses don’t necessarily need to end up right in the dumpster. Eyeglasses and sunglasses are an essential tool to help protect the eyes from strain and sunlight, and many developing countries need them. Try looking for an organization that can help you recycle or donate your old glasses.

Plastic Toothbrushes

While some have already made the switch to a more eco-friendly alternative, there are still a huge amount of plastic toothbrushes being used in each household. And since it needs to be replaced every few months, recycling it is way better than throwing them out. Keep your old toothbrushes and use it as an alternative brush for cleaning or even for recreational activities.

Final Word

With the proper information and enough inspiration, you can do something with your waste than to simply throw them all away. You can find more house improvement tips on