A lot of people are unaware of the amazing applications of a pressure washer at home. Fuelled by gas or an electrical motor, the equipment consists of a garden hose and an air compressor to pump water at high speed and under high pressure to clean at the surface. While it’s mainly used for car washing and getting rid of greasy residues, it can find a wide variety of other applications at home.

Let’s discuss some of these uses to give you enough reasons to invest in one.

Outdoor maintenance

If your property has a front yard or lawn, you must be investing a great deal already in keeping it beautiful. Adding a pressure washer to that probably won’t make much of a difference. It can help you clean other lawn equipment like mowers, trimmer, wheelbarrow, hand trowels, and more. These things can get a lot of dirt on them, and the washer can help clean them profusely.

You can also use the pressured water to clean your fences and make them good as new. Even wood fences can be cleaned thoroughly without damaging the structure. If you have boats, bikes, or other unused items scattered outside, you can wash them too.

Hosing down the entrance

The stairs at your entrance endure hundreds of dirty footsteps, carrying all the mud from the front yard to your doorstep. Traditional cleaning may not help in most cases, especially after a heavy shower. But under excessive pressure from the pump, the high-speed jet of water can clean all the debris and mud within minutes.

You can also wash the outsides of your house at the same time to enhance its appearance. A clean property is not only attractive but also profitable, especially if you’re planning to sell it. Keeping it tidy will attract more buyers and help you strike a good deal on your property.

Cleaning play areas

Many kids these days have dedicated outdoor play areas to help them get acquainted with nature. If they have play structures, like a treehouse, slips, see-saw, or anything else in the garden, you should think of cleaning them regularly to prevent infections and keep pests away. Pick a sunny day and use the pressure washer to get rid of dirt and debris from these structures.

Other cleaning methods like scrubbing with soapy water, are time-consuming, not to mention extremely strenuous. With the high-pressure water that comes speeding out of the nozzle, you can clean them within minutes.

Vehicle cleaning

It is one of the most common applications of the equipment. The two popular models for this purpose are Karcher and Bosch, and most first-time buyers get confused while shopping. According to this bosch pressure washer review that clearly explains the differences, you can pick a model that suits your requirements the best. However, make sure you do your homework regarding the types of engines in the equipment.

Washing driveway and garage floor

Cleaning the driveway with the washer can be quite an enjoyable experience, as you will be able to turn the machine at full power on the flat surface. A squeaky clean driveway not only enhances the curb appeal of your home but also mesmerizes your guests and makes your neighbors green with jealousy. Once you’re at the task, consider cleaning the garage floor as well, because it accumulates a lot of dust and dirt.

Rinsing wood decks

The decks are places to relax and unwind with a book in hand or to have barbecue parties with your close ones. Hence, clean them regularly to create a good impression. Also, a clean deck will invite you to sit and enjoy some quality time with a cup of evening tea. With a pressure washer, you can clean the decks easily without wasting much time.

Washing the grills

Cleaning those sticky grills can be a tough job. The greasy residues just don’t seem to go away, so matter how much you scrub and brush. Using pressure washing equipment can help reduce your efforts to a great extent. As it pumps water under high pressure, all kinds of dirt and greasy food particles can go away.

Experts believe that pressure washing is the best way to clean your air conditioner components. By doing that, you may cut down the costs of professional servicing. However, make sure you don’t clean the HVAC wiring of the air conditioner with a pressure washer. Some other things you can clean with the machine are patio furniture, concrete tiles, outsides of your windows, etc. So, there’s no dearth of pressure washing applications at home. Just make sure you invest in the right product that will serve all your needs.