There’s nothing quite like finally being able to have a place of your own. The best part is knowing that we get to design it exactly the way we like, according to our own personal style. However, sometimes we fear that the current trends will die out and our decor may become outdated. That’s why it’s important to consider a timeless interior design plan that fits in with any new wave. You can do that by ensuring that you stick with timeless decor that is bound to match any trend at any time. Your living room can always stay up-to-date if you implemented a couple of tips while decorating.

White is the New Black

Nothing can give the illusion of open space more than the color white. It also serves as an empty canvas where you can add whatever you want at any given time. However, white has many shades that you should be meticulous with while choosing from. For instance, if you are going for a minimalist design, cool white will add to the artistic ambiance you are trying to create. Moreover, if the area is subjected to too many lights, this white shade will neutralize the sunlight. On the other hand, warm whites enhance natural texture and make the room feel cozy.

Implement Fabrics

The beauty of the color white is that it allows you to add as many fabrics as you want. There is such a wide variety of textures and designs when it comes to textiles that you will never run out of ideas to keep your living room timeless. Moreover, using rugs can enhance the style of the room by creating simple lines and a definite zone. You should make sure that they are of high quality if you want them to be timeless. It is better to choose the softer fibers so that they can live for longer, regardless of whether you choose to hang the carpet for display or use it on the floor.

Be Symmetrical

Most interior designers may say that the key to timelessness is symmetry. The eyes despise asymmetrical places and after a while, they get uncomfortable. You can try it with identical statues, vases, and even paintings. If you have clutter that you need storage for, you can purchase a set of 3 wooden storage trunks that can be combined or separated into a symmetrical triangle. This will not add a touch of class to the room but serves to be functional as well.

However, you should keep the mirror images subtle because over-organized areas look off-limits. You need to throw in a painting, a mosaic vase, or a non-traditional chandelier to break the symmetry. That way, your living space will become more inviting and comfortable.

Add Some Texture

Throwing in some texture can keep the place looking as good as new for decades to come. For instance, rattan and natural wood are not bound by time because they fit anywhere and at any given era. One of the most commonly used timber is oak because its grains and wide array of tints, suit any style. In case you are looking for an alternative to wood, stone and concrete have a shade of gray that is ageless as well.

Hints of Vintage

Who doesn’t want to have a unique vintage piece from the flea market? You can get inspired by furniture from different eras that age like fine wine. You don’t have to go big; a simple, ornate vase, mirror, or nightstand is enough to create the mix you want. This market has unparalleled treasures that you can never get bored of.

Another way to stay vintage is by hanging old photos in an antique frame. They will provide you with warmth and a nostalgic feeling. If you want to dedicate a wall to the rustic style, a fireplace will be one of your best options. It changes the living room and reminds you of your grandparents’ old house where you used to sip tea with them. You won’t ever want to lose that memory, and that is what makes a fireplace timeless.

Incorporate Metals

You may think that metals will alienate the living room, however, they can provide it with a long-lasting appeal. Chrome, rose gold, and stainless steel can add some character and brighten up the room. They can be used in the finishing of some furniture or as small accessories. People mostly use gold-plated chandeliers as the focal point of the room.

When it comes to deciding on how you want to design your living room, utilizing the advice mentioned here will go a long way to help you create a timeless and classy look without a doubt. You don’t have to stick to the basics, you can mix different styles that go well together. Some of the above ideas may aid you in reaching the final design for your living room.