Have you ever thought about what your guests or potential buyers see first when they look at your house? It is the exterior of your home. It is also the first thing that you see when you come back from work every day.

Most often, we underestimate the power of a simple paint job. But adding a new paint coat to your house can make it look new.

Repainting your house is the simplest thing you can do to retain the value of your house. While painting can be time-consuming and inconvenient, it extends the integrity and good looks of what most people consider their most valuable asset.

While you can follow general guidelines to know how often to paint your house, sometimes they are not reliable as you may not remember the last time your home was painted.

Below you’ll find our list of 7 signs that your home needs a paint job. We will also hook you up with some insider tips on how to find a reliable painting contractor like Absolute Painting.

1. Fading Paint

Due to factors such as sun and water, paint fades over time. Lucky for you if your home is surrounded by trees that provide shade to your house, the paint might last you a little longer. But if your house is exposed to the sun all the time, the paint is likely to fade sooner than you think.

Dark colors also tend to fade quickly as opposed to light colors, so you might consider painting your house lighter colors if you’re repainting it more often.

Nevertheless, when you notice your house paint fading, it might be time to repaint it.

2. Moisture Stains and Mold

While you can remove moisture stains and mold with pressure washing, sometimes these are signs of deeper problems. If your house has notorious stains that can’t be removed, seek a professional opinion. Sometimes you’ll need to paint over such stains or replace them if there is severe damage.

3. Cracking Caulking


Caulking is located around doors and windows and is designed to seal your home from the air outside and provide better insulation. As caulks lose elasticity, you’ll notice cracks in these areas.

If not repaired, these cracks can allow moisture to seep in, causing damage. And since caulks play a vital role when repainting a house, you should repair them.

4. Bubbling, Cracked or Peeling Paint

If you notice bubbling, cracked, or peeling paint, then it may be time to take action. When the paint in your house peels away, it leaves your house exposed to elements that can cause long-term damage.

For example, when the wood is exposed to water or snow, it will develop mold or rot. Any of these signs is an indication that your house needs repainting.

5. You Don’t Like the Color Anymore

It is normal to stop loving something that you used to love. And your house paint is no different. The paint on your house can look outdated after a while thus there may be a need to change it.

But make sure you choose the best color for your house as you’d not want to repaint it after some time just because you don’t like it. Consider the style of your home as well as the surrounding homes when choosing your paint.

6. Want to Sell Your House

Home buyers are willing to pay more for houses that look great. Repainting your house can be an excellent way to add value to your house. After all, buyers will judge your house according to how they see it.

7. Enough Time Has Passed

Every decade or so, your house needs a new coat of paint. You don’t have to wait for signs of defects so you can paint your house. Painting your house before you see any signs of weakness will save a lot of trouble and keep your house in good shape.

How to Choose a Reliable Painting Contractor

The way your house gets painted will determine how long the paint lasts and the overall finish. You should, therefore, buy quality paint and hire a qualified painter.

Painting a house is not an easy job. It is a tedious job that requires a lot of expertise that many of us don’t have.

Luckily, there are many house painting contractors available who you can hire to do this job. There are many factors to consider when hiring home painters. They include license,  insurance, experience, and cost among others.



Painters who have been in the business for a long time have a lot of experience. If you hire an experienced painter, you’ll rest assured that your work is handled by experts.

License and Insurance

The best home painter should have a painter’s license indicating that they have met the set standards. The insurance should also cover him and his employees in the event of an accident while working.

Cost Estimates

Compare the prices offered by different home painters before deciding on which to hire. However, you should not go for the cheapest painters as they may do a shoddy job. Comparing prices should be preceded by reading online reviews and real customer testimonials.