The internet has had a far-reaching impact on every aspect of people’s lives. From medical care to employment opportunities, the World Wide Web has changed nearly everything, including real estate.

Virtual real estate companies are becoming an increasingly popular way for real estate agents and realtors to start working. This type of company offers many benefits that make it an attractive option. Find out what you need to know when considering working for a virtual brokerage.

So, what exactly are virtual real estate companies?

A virtual real estate company is a real estate agency that exists online. While traditional agencies have a brick and mortar building that agents go into each day, a virtual office exists online.

Employees of these virtual companies have access to all the information they need, all from the comfort of their homes and their couches. However, that’s not the only reason agents consider working for a virtual company.

There are many reasons to work for a virtual company.

1. Job flexibility. More and more people are looking for flexible work schedules, and being a virtual real estate agent offers that flexibility. You choose your hours and set what days you work. This flexibility can help improve work-life balance for all agents and realtors.

2. You get to retain more of your earnings. Another big draw to working for a virtual company is the promise of earning more. Though every company is different, many allow members to keep 100 percent of their earnings. You should be sure to check out the fees associated with your potential office before you join, however.

3. Save on overhead costs. If an agent were to rent their own office space, they would need to budget for the rent as well as the operations costs. By working for a remote company, you can save on these costs, allowing you to make a bigger profit.

4. Easy access. It can be frustrating when you leave things at the office or need to pull up an email while you are at home. Working in a virtual environment permits you to have constant, 24/7 access to your documents, email, and computer system since it is always with you.

5. Get the support you need. Many virtual real estate brokerage firms offer services to help their agents succeed. This support can come in the way of training, online tools, and even lead generators.

Face to face interaction is still important

Real estate agents and realtors who work for a virtual real estate company will still get to see clients face to face. Though many tasks can be done online, agents will need to venture out for part of their job.

House showings are done in person at the actual home. Some paperwork will also need to be filled out in person. So, even if the majority of your day is spent at home, agents that work for virtual companies still have the benefit of contact with people regularly.


Choosing the right agency is important

If you’ve decided working for a virtual real estate firm is the right option for you, your next step is selecting the right brokerage firm. To find the one that is best for you takes a little research. Be sure to ask about fees associated with joining them. It’s also a good idea to look at the platform they use and the support they offer.