The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. You use it every day, you use it without thinking about it, and it is a room that guests will always notice. Great bathrooms are not a dime a dozen, so having an impressive restroom can really improve the value of your home and give you a good piece of mind. This is a room in your home that needs to demand attention and needs good upkeep to make sure that you can live in your dream home.

Thinking about redesigning your bathroom is a good first step, but where do you go from the planning stage to the doing stage? The bathroom contains many features that can be updated, upgraded, redesigned, or even removed to improve it. There are aesthetic qualities and functional qualities that go into this room that will determine how good it is. Picking a place to start is tough, but it is necessary to that doing phase, so you want to jump in with a real plan of attack. Here are 7 things you can change in your bathroom that will make an immediate impact.

1. Bathtub and Shower

The bathtub and shower are two of the most important pieces of your bathroom. It is where you can unwind and relax or get cleaned up before and after a long day of work. Upgrading your bathtub could be a big job that requires new caulking, changing your plumbing systems, or converting it to a stand-up shower only. New glass sliding doors are a modern-must and make the bathroom a more classy place. This is one upgrade you want to give serious thought to.

2. Toilet

The other most important part of the bathroom is the toilet. Half-bathrooms are defined by having a sink and a toilet, so by definition, it is integral to the bathroom as a functional room of the house. Picking a toilet is a lot of work, and the reviews at show how much toilets can vary. Height, low flow, ergonomic, bidet features, self-flushing, etc. are among the numerous considerations that go into picking the right one. The best possible toilet for your bathroom can make it all the better as a useful room in your home.

3. Windows

Windows, or just a singular window, is very good for making a bathroom feel comfortable. It allows ventilation of steam and moisture from a hot shower, it can let in a nice cool breeze to freshen the scent, and it is nice to have natural lighting. Changing your windows requires a little bit of effort compared to some major redesigns, but a nice window frame can really enhance the quality of the aesthetic of the room. New windows help seal in the heat and keep out the cold, so it will benefit your utility bills in a big way, even if you do not notice it.


4. Sink and Cabinets

The sink, and the cabinets, help add much-needed utility space. Storage for cleaning supplies, toothbrushes, dental accessories, and bath towels are a must because space is at a premium. Not to mention, your sink is the third of the most important pieces of your bathroom. Redesigning your bathroom should focus on a new bathroom fixture, which is the combination of the cabinet/shelving unit that hides the plumbing pipes of your sink. These units can really tie a bathroom together with a good style (wood, ceramic, metal) and provide a functional purpose for the enjoyment of this important room in your home.

5. Floor Tiling

It might seem like your bathroom floor is fine, but the tiling could be killing the value of the room. Most people stick with whatever tiling their bathroom comes with because it is easier to ignore it and let it stay but cracked or improperly caulked tiles can allow water to seep through and damage your floor. Installing new tiles is a must when redesigning your bathroom because it connects the overall room theme together. The many styles of flooring can range from ceramic, laminated wood, vinyl, porcelain, laminate, and even solid hardwood. The choices are endless and this is an area of your bathroom that must be addressed in a redesign.

6. Walls and Paint Job

Of course, the first thing most people notice when walking into a room is the color of the walls. This is a natural occurrence because the walls are eye level, and the color can really attract you to aspects of a room. Your bathroom is no different, and unfortunately, not many people realize how great their bathroom wall color and style can impact the quality of the room. Usually, the lighter colors work best for a bathroom. Turquoise, baby blue, seafoam green, or a soft sand brown/yellow. These colors invoke feelings of a beach or water environment, so they work well for this type of room’s decorative features.

7. Lighting Fixtures

Lastly, we come to the lighting situation. The lighting of your bathroom is especially important because it sets a mood. Too much light and the room feels overexposed and too little and you can hardly notice any of the fine details at all. There is a fine line between a nice lighting fixture and a bad one, but the choices, as with most bathroom renovation options, are endless. Soft lighting is good to keep the room feeling spa-like, and you can maximize the use of a window and natural lighting to tone down the brightness. Warm tones work best, but a good LED light is never a bad choice for a shower overhead. The most important places for lights should be near the mirror, above the shower, and an overhead light in the main section of the bathroom.

Redesigning your bathroom is a wonderful task you should consider doing, but it also means a lot of pre-planning. Choosing what you want is fun, but it can also be a handful because a bathroom has a lot of features that make it such an important room of the house. This list of 7 choices will help you narrow down your choices and make the right redesign decision.