Over time, your home inevitably needs some small adjustments. For example, door frames in your home could be broken. It can not only make your house look scruffy, but breakage in an exterior door frame can also cause drafts and allow water to escape.

However, it is enough to know how to act and do the right work to obtain astonishing results. This guide will focus on repairing an object without a shadow of doubt present in every home. To be precise, we will see how to repair a broken door frame through this guide’s steps.

How to Repair a Broken Door Frame

Repairing a broken is not that difficult. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to fix the door frame.

Step 1: Assess the frame condition

The first step is to check the condition of the frame. If the door is made of wood, generally, any damage can be fixed with a little putty. Then, some sand, some varnish- and the frame is as good as new.

But there are cases where you need to put a little more in-depth work. It may even be necessary to hire a professional chassis Charleroi in severe cases. We mean, if you need help with the locks, hinges, or bolts.

If the process needs to disassemble the door to fix the frame, help is a must. In the case of putting the door back, any measurement error will damage the whole structure.

Step 2: Remove the door

When a door is grungy or is not perfectly aligned with the support frame, it is best first to remove it. Separate the door from its hinges and place it on a straight surface to work comfortably.

If the door has noticeable drafts on the vertical or horizontal part, it can be leveled with a carpenter’s plane. In this way, it will close perfectly again. The same operation must also be done on the frame fixed to the wall.

Step 3: Fix the Frame

If the door is out of square due to deformation, it creates problems. From an aesthetic point of view, it becomes unpleasant. It is possible to intervene by cutting the bubbles with a razor blade. And then use a vinyl glue or fish, overlapping a weight to make the glue adhere better.

After at least one day, the veneer can be sanded and finished with paints or buffers.  What if the frame and door do not have any veneer but are made of natural wood? In that case, they tend to be particularly rough due to the paint that has been stamped.

It is advisable to remove all the paint using a spatula and a welding torch. By doing so, the color will be heated and removed easily with a spatula.

Step 4: Paint the frame and door

At the end of the work, the frame and the door must be sanded, smoothed. And finally, repaint first with a coat of cementite and then with a specific enamel for wood. Choose the color that best suits the room.

For the doors with glass and need to replace some chip, you must first remove the wooden grid. These grids divide the glass into many squares. Replace it entirely. In this way, the glass will adhere much better to its keying and will be more stable.

Some Tips to Remember While Repairing Damaged Door Frames

A wooden door frame is a part which serves as a support for a door. The restoration of a wooden door frame consists of restoring worn wood to its original state. The advantage of wood is that it is possible to give it a second life.

However, before embarking on your wooden door frame’s renovation, it is necessary to equip yourself. You will then need wood filler, a sander, brushes and paint, and wood filler for the finish.

Frame rusted, cracked, or damaged.

If your wooden door frame only has cracks, a paste for filling the wood may be enough. It will help to restore a beautiful appearance to your door frame.

So, clean the part of your wooden door frame to repair and then coat with wood filler. Leave to dry according to the instructions. Then, sand, if necessary, to obtain a smooth surface.

Before painting, it is strongly recommended to apply wood plaster to perfect the finish of your work.

Broken frame

If pieces of wood are missing from your door frame, it is advisable to buy wood filler for repair. This miraculous paste is putty and can be handled like real wood.

You can, therefore, quickly adapt the paste to the shape of your wood. When the part of being treated is clean, apply your paste and let it dry (the drying time depends on your product).

Then, sand and apply wood plaster as a finish. After drying, you can paint your wooden door frame.

Bottom Line

The frame not only increases the beauty of the door but also supports it. So, there is no doubt that maintaining a door frame is necessary. That is why knowing how to repair a broken door frame will only help you in the future.