Decorating your home can cost you a lot of money and it is obvious that you already have knowledge about it. It is obvious that nobody wishes for it but if you are interested in decorating your home and making it magazine worthy, you definitely have to set aside a lot of money. Everything from your fabrics, furniture, mirrors to your rugs are responsible for causing a lot of damage to your savings. Apart from that, if you decide to throw in certain high-end items, it will not be extremely difficult for you to blow the budget quickly.

However, the piece of good news is that certain things can easily be done in order to get a chic and expensive look, without having to give away a huge amount of money. With a few investments, which include both your money as well as your time, you can make your rooms look as if you have spent a lot of money than what you have actually spent. Given below is a list of the ideas that you can follow in order to make the rooms look beautiful and give away the impression that a huge amount of money has been spent on the decoration.

Decorative molding

Decorative molding
You might not know that a cheap way of providing a higher end look to the room without spending a lot of money is undoubtedly decorative molding. By setting aside your time and certain do-it-yourself techniques, you will be able to do it within a weekend only. However, you can also hire professionals. Even then, you will not have to spend a lot of money and it is going to be worth your investment. In order to get an elegant and sophisticated look, you have to paint your molding a similar color to your walls.

Display antiques

Nothing is capable of giving your room a sense of history and wisdom in comparison to beautiful antique items. Antique items are responsible for having a certain grace and patina, which cannot be recreated in the items found in the stores. You do not really need to spend fortunes, but ensure that you are picking up something, which looks expensive and beautiful.

Large-scale accessories, which include mirrors, lamps, and elegant pieces of furniture, definitely look great. However, small accessories are also capable of doing the trick. Antique boxes, wall sconces, and even the antique picture frames are capable of providing your room with style and class. It is going to provide a notion to people that you have spent a lot of money by purchasing the antique items.

Ensure that you are including curvy shapes

Ensure that you are including curvy shapes
It is not an easy task to ensure that your bank balance is being protected when you are trying to make your room look beautiful and bright. Most people even have to take loans after they finish the process of decoration in order to tackle their monthly finances. In this case, you can make the rooms bright by adding curvy shapes. Curvy shapes help in adding depth as well as interest to your rooms. Make sure that you are using numerous shapes so that the rooms do not look boring.

If your main objective is to make the room look expensive by adding curvy items, you can add round mirrors, beautiful accessories, unique lamp shades, amazing furniture legs, and the list is going to go on. All of these will make your room look expensive and give the feeling that you have used the most expensive items. In case if you have spent a lot of money on home decor and you are stuck in debt, consider going through the debt consolidation reviews if you are interested in debt consolidation. 80% of the total Americans have debt, as stated by

Custom treatments for your window

Have you ever considered luxurious curtains for your windows? If not, it is time that you do so. Luxurious curtains have the capability of fitting your space perfectly and make the rooms bespoke as well as expensive. Custom window treatments might not always be cheap but if you are saving money in other places and interested in making investments within your room, this is definitely an ideal way of doing so.

Add the metallic items

Metallic surfaces help in adding a certain luxury look. However, ensure that you are not overdoing it. All you need is a gold mirror, brass tables, and a great collection of vintage silver. These items can help in making the room expensive. It is a good idea to think small because overdoing can spoil the look of your room. You need to concentrate on making your room expensive as well as classy.

Add fresh flowers

Add fresh flowers
Fresh flowers are responsible for lifting the mood of your room instantly. If your flower bouquet is big, it is going to make the room luxurious. It is good to mention that you do not need ostentatious displays on almost every surface, but you need to understand that the bouquet that you are displaying is not at all sparse. Rather, they should be lush and full. A bountiful and big bouquet of flowers on your coffee table helps in adding class to your room instantly.

Try to create vignettes

Ensure that you are not tossing your items on your mantle and bookshelf. It is a good idea to create considered vignettes on all the surfaces. This is not something extremely hard but the impact that you are going to get will be massive. Furthermore, you will end up saving a lot of money if you try out this particular decor idea.

Use dimmer switches

Use dimmer switches
The best way to ensure that your room looks luxurious is by using dim lighting. It is true that it can sound extremely silly but it is a fact of the matter that everything is going to look better when the lighting is dim. For almost every light fixture present in the rooms, it is a good idea to add the dimmer switches. You need to know that it is not at all expensive and you are not going to regret this idea.


Why spend a lot of money and go into debt, when you can make your room look expensive by spending little money? Follow the tips that have been mentioned above so that you can create an expensive look for your home.