You might wonder, why is office décor so important? After all, it’s a place to work, not to enjoy home comforts and relax. While an office might not need a roaring fireplace or a display of old DVDs, good décor is a sure-fire way of improving the general mood of employees. Not sure where to begin? Here are eight décor tips for offices. 

Paint Vibrant Colors

Beige, cream, gray, and white are overused in offices. Instead of painting all the walls a single neutral color, consider adding a vibrant color into the mix to brighten the office space. Blues, oranges, and purples work well! If you don’t want to be so bold on the walls, find other ways to bring in vibrant colors. For instance, why not add a splash of color and texture to an office with a rug. After all, working doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little comfort, and a rug provides just that. It brings warmth to the space, perfect for areas that might be a little cooler. 

Protect Your Walls

Your newly painted walls will look fantastic at the start, but over time, they will start to lose that shine if you don’t protect them. When they do, the office could appear dingy and not the welcoming place you made it. So, be sure to protect the walls you have painted with wall corner guards. That way, you won’t have to keep retouching the paint.

Add Lots of Plants

Plants are great for offices as they brighten the overall atmosphere while improving the air quality – two improvements that will help create a happier office. You don’t need to be subtle with them, either. As long as you don’t clutter the entire space with plants, more greenery is always better. 

Let in Natural Light

Sunlight is a natural mood booster and improves productivity, so let as much into the office as possible. Large windows are perfect for this, but be sure to provide blinds as well in case an unlucky employee ends up with direct sunlight in their eyes! 

Hang Art Pieces

Art inspires creative thought, which is beneficial for all work environments. To promote as much creative thinking as possible, be sure to hang interesting and mood-boosting art pieces around the office. It’ll help lift the general atmosphere while giving your staff something cool to look at. 

Add a Unique Piece of Furniture

Not all furniture has to be the same. If your office looks like any other average workspace, then you should try to spice things up a little by adding a unique piece of furniture. That could include a cool accent table, a bright corner sofa, or maybe a bespoke wooden coffee table in the break room. 

Work on the Lighting

An office needs to be bright, but that doesn’t require awful fluorescent lighting giving people headaches in the morning. Instead, work on more attractive lighting that you wouldn’t be put off by even in a home. Include a mixture of light fixtures to achieve this, including wall lights, ceiling lights, and some floor lamps around the space. 

Add a Bookcase

Bookcases aren’t just décor – they are knowledge. There is no denying that they look great in most spaces, so be sure to place a cool bookcase somewhere in the office. Fill it with books related to your business – if your office is tech-based, you could include books on modern technology and design, for example. 

With these eight tips, your office décor will turn from dull and drab to exciting and inspiring.