For many homeowners, building a quality patio on their property is a dream project. You can enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest when you have a patio, especially during the warm summer months. Before you commit to getting a patio built on your property, however, there are some important questions that you need to answer. To properly prepare you to OK your home’s patio project, here are eight factors that you should consider before building a patio: 

1. Are There Any Access Considerations?

Depending on what your patio is being used for, and who’s going to be using it, you might have to consider accessibility factors before beginning the project. Especially if you have someone who is differently-abled living in your home, you’ll want to know that they can easily access the patio. If you add accessibility to your patio after the fact, it will end up costing you big time. 

2. What Size Patio Do You Want? 

Understanding the size of your desired patio, in all the relevant dimensions, will be crucial to getting the project going. Think of what you’ll be using the patio for, and you’ll have a much easier time figuring out the proper dimensions for the project. Be sure to consult your Kansas City patio builder about your desired size and dimensions to make sure the project is feasible. 

3. What Patio Shape Will You Need? 

After you’ve determined the accessibility and size factors of your patio project, you’ll need to determine how you want the patio to be shaped. If you’re going to have stairs leading to the patio, or if you want a more stylized patio shape, it may end up costing you more money to get the project done. By being aware of your needs beforehand, you can make sure you do not go over budget when constructing your patio. 

4. How Will it Be Positioned? 

Before your patio installer can get to work, you’ll need to have a solid understanding of where you want your patio to be positioned. After you’ve determined a location, you can work with your installer to determine what other obstacles might need to be overcome before the installation can fully begin. Once you’ve got this factor figured out, you’ll be more than halfway there. 

5. How Will Your Patio Interact with the Rest of Your Yard? 

When you go to install a patio, the project can significantly impact the setup of the rest of your yard. Knowing that your patio will both look good in your yard, and not cause any structural problems, is absolutely essential to install your new patio successfully. Depending on how strict your neighborhood building codes are, you may want to get the patio project approved before starting it. 

6. What Materials Will Your Patio Be Made Out Of? 

Depending on the aesthetic of your home, the atmosphere you live in, and your privacy desires, the materials you might end up using for your patio project can vary wildly. Consulting with your patio installer about the pros and cons of different potential materials is crucial during this step. Once you’ve determined what materials you’ll be using, the potential cost of your patio project will become much clearer. After you’ve determined what patio materials you’ll be using, you can invest in the perfect patio furniture for the next summer season. 

7. What’s The Budget for Your Patio Project? 

After you’ve determined the six qualities we’ve discussed above, you should have a solid idea of how much your patio project will cost. Although the price is subject to change depending on how the project unfolds, the price you’re quoted should end up being incredibly close to the final project costs. By knowing that you’ll have the ability to afford and finish the patio project, you can sit back and relax while your patio installer does all of the hard work. It’s also important to consider that you will produce garden waste when completing your patio project. The best way to manage this is by booking skip hire, but this will be an additional cost to your project and can be more expensive than most people realise.

8. How Much Maintenance Will Your Patio Need? 

Lastly, it’s important to study up on how much maintenance you can expect your patio to need over the next few decades. While maintenance costs are often much less than installation costs, it’s still important to be prepared to afford any maintenance needs down the line. Once again, consulting your patio installer will be useful, as they should be able to inform you about the maintenance needs that you should expect over the next few decades. 

Perfect Your Home with a Quality Patio

Few projects can perfect your home quite like a patio. Patios are perfect for those who love to host especially, so if you’re known for being the life of the party in your neighborhood, you need a patio in 2022. By considering these eight factors before installing a patio, you can ensure that the project will go smoothly.