Does the sight of your garage make you cringe or yawn when you pull into the driveway? Or do you hate spending any time in there?

This is very normal. The garage is often the most neglected part of the home, even though it takes up a significant amount of space and about a third of your home’s front façade.

It’s time to stop hating the garage and stop wasting all of this space.

Here is how to get the most from it.

Update the Garage Door

Update the Garage Door
The first thing you’re going to do is update the garage door. This will refresh the look of the exterior and give you a warm greeting when you pull into the driveway. Meanwhile, it could also encourage you to spend more time inside of it.

Some of today’s modern garage doors come with stylish windows, which can brighten up a dreary space with some much-needed natural light. See what’s possible by contacting the garage door experts at Dodds Doors and start designing something spectacular right now.

Organize the Space

Nobody actually wants to clean or reorganize their garage. You let it get messy (chaotic, even) because you don’t really see the benefit of keeping it tidy and organized.

However, it’s time to buckle down and clean it, because you’re going to actually start using this space (see the next section). Trust us when we say it will all be worth it.

You can take a lot of pressure off of your organization and sorting skills by picking up a very affordable garage organizer. This will take things out of messy piles on the floor and put them into neat bins or hangers on the walls. You will be amazed at how little you actually have to throw out, once you get it all organized.

Repurpose the Room

Now that things are organized, this is no longer just a messy non-room on the side of the house. This is now a room that you look forward to using.

You can easily transform this space into:

  • A workshop
  • An art studio
  • A yoga studio
  • A home gym
  • A playroom

To make the transformation complete, you will likely need to add an insulated garage door, so you’re not paying a fortune in utility bills to keep this room at the right temperature.

Insulated garage doors add more R-value to the garage and ensure that your home’s HVAC system isn’t having to work nearly as hard to control the temperature in there. They are actually shockingly affordable, especially when you consider that you’re actually (basically) buying a new room for your home. If you opt for an insulated door with windows, the natural light can also do a lot to heat the room over the winter.

There you have it. That’s how you go from hating your garage to making it your favourite room in the house. You simply need to update the door, get it organized, and give it a new purpose.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to stop wasting this space’s potential.