Small kitchens don’t have to undermine your capability to become a master baker or chef. What your small kitchen needs are some clever design ideas. Builders in Kent can easily make your kitchen practical and stylish, irrespective of its size.

We bring you some small kitchen ideas that will help you convert your kitchen into a perfect cooking and dining paradise, without the need to extend its physical boundaries. We have tried our best to make the ideas DIY, but some might need a professional.

Small kitchens are marred by limited storage space. This is why it is necessary to make every spare inch in your kitchen count and to turn your tiny room into a spacious area just by making some fine rearrangements.

Start with planning what kind of place you want your kitchen to be and what sort of storage place you will require. Once you have that plan, you can start following clever design ideas like:

1. Compact containers are idealistic

Compact containers are idealistic
Windowsill, recess, or shelf in your kitchen will make an ideal space for storage. Try adding strong baskets to these spaces. Baskets are also a great way to store the condiments so that you can take them to the dining table in one trip.

2. Supersize the sink

A small kitchen might leave you with no space for the dishwasher. We recommend installing a double sink that will give you space to keep dirty dishes and washing bowls separate. This way, you will not clutter the workspace in the kitchen. Contact builders in Kent to know more about how to make use of your kitchen workspace more efficiently with minimal improvement.

3. A better place for the washing machine

Most UK homes have washing machines in the kitchen, but if you are not blessed with a spacious kitchen, you might want to turn European here. In continental Europe, you will most likely find washing machines in the bathroom. When you are struggling for space in your small kitchen, consider putting away your washing machine in some other area like the bathroom. If it’s too small, then space under the stairs can be used for the machine too.

Building companies Kent have solutions to turn the space under the stairs into something incredibly useful.

4. Turn every corner into a storage space

Unless you have intricately planned kitchen space, you are most likely to have wasted space such as gaps between the shelves, below the sink area, and the back of cupboards.
Turn every corner into a storage space
Just start stacking wherever you can and get rid of the kitchenware that you use infrequently. This will clear out the space for use. Relocate items that have no everyday use, try utilizing the space on walls and doors by adding utensil rail or magnetic knife board, and put extra shelves in corners.

5. Keep your kitchen scheme simple

Simple white walls can make even the tiniest spaces look large, why not use the contemporary style to make your kitchen look bigger. White walls, reflective materials, lights, and minimal design are best for small kitchens. If you are confused about how to go about it, do a simple Google search for ‘best home builders near me,’ and you will find dozens of professionals who can help you redo your kitchen design. Stainless-steel worktops, white backsplash tiling, frosted glass cabinet doors, etc. can do wonders for the gate design.

6. Use portable storage

A small kitchen can use trolleys on casters. You can tuck it away when not needed, and they add extra prep surface and provides storage for cookery books, pans, and pots. And when you have guests, you can use it as a food and drink trolley; handy isn’t it.

7. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry

Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry
Small kitchens have a restriction, which is why it is best to install floor-to-ceiling cabinetry that will provide the most efficient use of the limited space. Not only they provide extra storage space, but it also provides space that otherwise would be cluttered with several small cabinets. Best builders in Kent offer affordable options for installing floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.

Making the most of your small kitchen space is easier than you think. The clever styling tips we have mentioned here are tested ways to turn your restricted kitchen space into an amazing cooking and dining area.