Planning on replacing your beaten down mattress? That’s a great way to ensure you will get better sleep at night. However, top-notch mattresses can be quite expensive. This can be a serious hurdle for those who are on a tight budget.

The good news is that there are ways to make sure you get every bang for your buck. Choosing a cheap mattress does not automatically mean you get cheaper quality. As long as you know key factors to look for, you can still manage to get your hands on a decent mattress at mattress sale.

Below are several tips you can apply in order to get the best possible mattress at the lowest possible cost.

Tips on How to Save Money When Buying a New Mattress


Tip #1 – Wait for Special Discount Sales During Holidays

A tried and true method, waiting for special discounts during holidays like Black Friday can save you a considerable amount of cash. Of course, as we all know Black Friday sales are nothing to balk at and can be extremely taxing. There are other special discounts given by shops sprinkled all year round, you just have to be alert whenever your local store drops these special promos that can go up over 70% off.

Tip #2 – Buy Mattress in a Brick and Mortar Store instead of Online

While buying mattresses online from can be significantly more convenient, it is still better to actually try out the mattress before going through with the purchase. This allows you to guarantee that it fits all your personal preferences. Yes, online shopping is convenient – but what happens if the mattress arrives and it is not what you imagined?

Tip #3 – You Should Check Out Bundle Offers

If you are planning on replacing both bed frame and mattress then you should check out stores that offer special bundles. These bundles usually offer a complete set (bed frame, mattress, pillows, etc.) at a lower price compared to buying each item separately.

Stores with bundles usually offer higher discounts the more items you purchase. If you plan on a complete renovation then it is recommended you go to stores that have similar bundles.

Tip #4 – Shop in Bedding Specialty Stores

Most customers agree that they prefer buying mattresses at specialty stores rather than department stores at the mall. The reason for this is that a specialty store salesperson is far more accommodating and open to discounts. They are also more knowledgeable with the products compared to a department store salesclerk that usually has a general understanding of the mattress but can’t give you specific details.

Tip #5 – Check for the Warranty

As mattresses can be quite expensive, even the ‘cheaper’ ones, it is best to check what the warranty covers before you make a purchase. Most brands offer 10-year warranties and will repair or replace mattresses if problems occur due to factory defects and the like.

We have also seen brands that offer mattresses with lifetime warranties attached to it. However, please note that the best policies cover the first decade only. Once you have reached past the 11+ year mark, the warranty coverage is not as favorable anymore.

Tip #6 –Check Brands that Offer Trial Periods

There are mattress brands out there that offer their products with a trial period. This allows you to return the mattress and get a full refund if it did not suit your needs. Some brands have a 100-days trial period while some can go up to a full year trial period.

Tip #7 – Be Wary of Sales Hype

Some mattresses are marketed as having all of these fancy new features. Don’t let this cloud your judgment though, most of the time these features are just fads and will be dropped in a few years’ time.

Additional features that are not common in mattresses, like a built-in heater, is all well and good if you live in a predominantly cold climate area. Overall though, these features are unnecessary. The sturdiest mattresses are ones that focus on the foundations and not with untested fads.


There is no going around it, you will need to spend a bit of cash if you want a quality mattress. That being said, you can maximize the quality of your purchase if you follow the tips listed above. This will ensure that you will get the most bang out of your buck, even if you choose a mattress that is at the cheaper side of the scale.