Design Ideas Of Walk In Closet And Dressing Room In Bedroom

Having a functional and tidy closet not only makes it more attractive but also fills you with optimism and can start your day off right. It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small space; the priority is design and organization. A wardrobe, closet, or built-in closet is a functional part of the bedroom. Order in the closet equals speed and efficiency in choosing the look for each day. A separate room for storing personal belongings is a logical solution for apartments and houses of any layout. Implementing an idea is easy, even if you have very little space at your disposal. The main thing is to think over the details correctly.

Advantages of a bedroom with a dressing room

The bedroom is one of the most comfortable rooms in the house. A bedroom is a private space, making sense if the owner’s clothes, shoes, and accessories are here and not in the living room. 

Equipped dressing room eliminates the need to purchase additional furniture. Instead of bulky dressers and wardrobes, the bedroom will have a separate cozy space for things.

You do not have to look into every corner of the room every day in the hope of finding the necessary items of clothing. All things will be at hand and at the same time hidden from prying eyes.

Tips for equipping a dressing room in the bedroom

Many would like to have an open or hidden wardrobe in their bedroom. There is nothing unreal. You can find a budget solution for rooms of any size. Let’s start exploring ways to implement the idea with general recommendations.

It’s important to keep the following elements in mind:

  • It is necessary to correctly assess the room’s layout to determine the design and size of the dressing room.
  • It is better to think over the room’s design in advance and check if there are free sockets for connecting lighting fixtures.
  • When creating a design project, it is essential to make sure that the bedroom will not look too cramped and uncomfortable after organizing a dressing room.

 Following are the Interiors of a bedroom with a dressing room: characteristics of style selection

The dressing room should be in the same style as the bedroom. A combination of elements from several directions is allowed. However, in pursuit of originality, it is easy to cross the line of bad taste. Let’s analyze the most popular designs in modern and classic styles.



The urbanistic direction of the loft assumes minimalistic decor and laconic design of the functional space. Chromed metal racks, wooden shelves mounted to the walls are perfect for filling the dressing room. Track lights and pendant lamps without lampshades are ideal as light sources. Someone will find such a room uncomfortable. 

High tech

High tech

Such a design in the bedroom will be in many ways similar to the loft-style option. As an accent, designers advise using original pendant lamps or wall sconces with bright shades. The floor in the room can be decorated with a colored rug with a laconic pattern.



The classic design project of a bedroom with a dressing room assumes a predominance of neutral shades and rounded shapes. There should be no decorative elements in the room because functionality comes first. However, you can put a comfortable chair or a soft pouf in the dressing room for convenience.

 Pop Art

Pop art

The pop-art style is a riot of bright colors. Unusual, bold combinations, complemented by quality materials, will make the room the most attractive place in the house.

Art deco

Art Deco

If the interior of the bedroom with a dressing room contains elements of luxurious Art Deco, style attributes can also be placed in the clothing store. For example, an original sun mirror, an exquisite compact chandelier, or distinctive figurines. The room will no longer be just a place for your things – it will become a work of design art.

Options for creating a dressing room in the bedroom

Built-in wardrobe in the bedroom

Built-in wardrobe

If the room has a small pantry and niche, it is best to place your clothes there. You might think about how to decorate the entrance to the dressing room or leave the space open. The best option is to fence off the bedroom area with compartment doors.

Corner wardrobe in the bedroom 

Corner Closet

A design with a corner dressing room is possible in a room of any size, but this solution is essential for small bedrooms. The garment modules will locate along the adjacent walls. To hide the space from prying eyes, you can use a sliding partition.

Linear dressing room in a narrow bedroom

Linear dressing room in a narrow bedroom

A linear arrangement implies that a dressing room or wardrobe placing along the wall. Most often, for this, a surface is chosen that is perpendicular to the door. The main thing is that there is room in the room for unrestricted movement.

Wardrobe closet

Wardrobe closet

The easiest way to organize storage space for clothes. It is enough to purchase a ready-made structure, where a variety of modules have already has provided. There are shelves, drawers, compartments for shoes, rails for dresses, and outerwear in such a closet. You can place furniture in any corner of the room that is suitable in size.

Dressing room with curtains

Dressing room with curtains

If you are attracted by the idea of ​​creating a full-fledged dressing room in the bedroom, where it is convenient not only to store but also to try on things, we offer an option with fabric partitions. A wardrobe can place against a free wall in the room, and a structure for fixing curtains can be set under the ceiling. 

With glass partitions

With glass partitions

The glass wardrobe in the bedroom looks stylish and luxurious. However, this option is only suitable for modern styles. The installation of partitions is worth choosing tempered glass – it is more durable and less transparent.

Using a balcony for a bedroom project with a dressing room

If the bedroom has a balcony, you can use it to decorate the dressing room. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this solution.

Advantages of storage for clothes on a balcony :

  • You don’t have to waste the central space of the room.
  • Some windows will replace the ventilation system.
  • If the patio is spacious, even outerwear for all seasons can be accommodated there.

However, there are significant disadvantages that cannot ignore:

  • If the balcony is narrow, it won’t be easy to place clothes rationally.
  • Unpleasant odors from the street can become saturated with things.
  • Not all balconies provide a comfortable space for changing and trying on clothes.
  • If there is no high-quality heat and waterproofing in the room, changes in temperature and humidity levels cannot be avoided. This will adversely affect the state of things.

If you nevertheless decide to organize a dressing room, consider the specifics of the room. The balcony in the bedroom is a protruding part of the building, so it should not be overloaded. Do not put heavy cabinets and massive shelving there. With a loggia, it’s easier – there is more space for full-fledged storage of your favorite clothes.