There’s no doubt that a great experience in your home will keep your guests coming back. It gives a good feeling, watching them leave your home with a giant grin on their face.  

But this isn’t a so-easy task. It requires careful planning and attention. So the big question is: how do you create a guest room that makes your guest want to stay forever? Check out these tips below!

Tip 1: Don’t miss out on the details and layers 

The first thing you need to do is make your guest room look like home. You can spice up different themes to create a cozy pattern that causes your guests to swoon at first sight. But it would help if you aimed for a natural ambience that lures your guests to sleep. 

Most people love a monochrome colour, and that’s because it never runs out of style. You can choose a stylish modern theme that will steal your guest’s breath at first sight. First, keep it clean by decluttering the room. You can use a decorative round mirror to widen the space. Wallpaper for the walls or decorative artworks gives a pleasing aesthetic, you choose! You can always change them from time to time to create a memorable experience for every guest. 

Lighting is a primary concern that you mustn’t ignore. Ensure your guest room has adequate lighting. Use neutral coloured curtains or blinds that help indoor light flooding during the day. Add overhead lamps or ceiling lamps, apart from the natural lighting. 

cordless bedside lamp will be deeply appreciated, as it can keep the room slightly brightened for guests that prefer sleeping with the lights out. It is battery powered so that you can place them anywhere in the room. 

Tip 2: A comfortable bed does the magic 

It may be tempting to use the saggy mattress in your guest room. DON’T! One of the biggest turn-offs for guests after a long journey is sleeping on an old mattress or dirty sheets. Go for inexpensive but comfortable beddings. Use fitted linen sheets over the bed, and top it with a duvet or comforter. 

Add at least two pillows for extra comfort. You can include a blanket and additional layers of linen in case of accidents. If you love to be stylish, toss a decorative fluffy throw pillow at the end of the bed. Chunky knits work perfectly for winter, and you can use lightweight throws for summer. Also, keep the colours of the beddings in sync with the rest of the room.  

Tip 3: Use furniture

Instead of focusing on the beddings, adorn the room with extra layers of furniture. A small bedside table containing drawers can be helpful. If you have more space, you can add a table and chair to give the guests a place to unwind other than the bed. 

Don’t make your visitors live out of their luggage boxes. For storage options, provide a double dresser or a foldable luggage rack. Or you can opt for a bed frame with storage options. 

A guest room should be inviting and cosy, so don’t be afraid to use traditional and modern furniture for an eclectic mix. For instance, an antique bed frame in a contemporary setting will do the magic. 

Tip 4: Add essentials 

You don’t want your visitors knocking on your room door at night because of an emergency. Add every essential you think they might need. Don’t forget the toiletries. Provide an alarm clock, a mini fan, and a welcome basket that contains snacks to munch on. 

Place a cordless bedside lamp on the table for guests who love reading. A book, pen, and water bottle should also be on the table. 

Some guests prefer to use their phones while in bed. Make provisions for a charging station, outlet or extension cord. Also, help them stay connected. If you have wifi, you can neatly write out the details on a notepad and keep it where it’s easily seen. 

Tip 5: Go extra, add means of entertainment 

For privacy, your guests can decide to stay in their room throughout their stay. Keep them entertained by placing a TV in the room. Remember to put the TV remote close by, preferably on the bedside table where it’s accessible. If you have a good read–novels, travel books, newspapers, magazines, etc.–place it on the table or dresser. 

Or, you can frame your Netflix details and hang them on the wall. This can be an alternative if you don’t have a TV.

Tip 6: Keep it clean and fresh 

Lastly, keep your guest room clean. Less truly is more! You can keep some flowers by the widows or on the bedside table. This adds a pleasant scent to the room and creates a soothing ambience. 

Remember to use clean sheets and keep the furniture free of dust. Also, you can add a dehumidifier to regulate the temperature. An air freshener with a lovely fragrance will be a great plus. 

Making your guests comfortable doesn’t have to be rocket science. You can create a long-lasting impression without breaking the bank with the tips outlined above.