Keeping your lawn in tip-top shape is a must for homeowners who want to create a beautiful living space. The lawn is one of the areas of your home that can emanate pride. It is always on display, it shows people you care about your appearance, and it can be really fun when you know how to put in the proper work to keep it tidy. Beyond keeping it tidy, you want it to be as nice as possible through the seasons to get the most out of every square foot of your property.

The most fun about keeping your lawn cared for is that it feels like a child getting new toys. There is always something else you can buy or try out to test new techniques and improve your lawn care efforts. Picking out the right garden tools and equipment is an essential part of making sure the exterior of your home looks amazing and there are plenty of tools that will be of use to you.

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Here is a list of the tools you desperately want in your shed and garage.

1. Leaf Blowers and Vacuums

Pesky leaves are at it again. Autumn is in full swing and the trees are starting to lose their lush foliage which means it is going to litter your lawn. Leaf Blowers are great for pushing everything into a pile faster than a rake, but the leaf vacuums at can create even less of a mess. Vacuums that come with mulcher attachments help grind up the leaves so there is little mess.

2. Lawnmower

Lawnmowers are among the top of the list because they are going to save you sweating buckets to keep the grass tidy. There are so many types of lawnmowers too, and they can be useful for various yards. Push mowers are cheap but cover less ground, gas and electric mowers are the standard and work well, and the riding mower is the cream of the crop because it takes out the hard work and makes chores fun.

3. Garden Shears

Garden shears are a must for people who love to keep their garden and lawn edges and plants clean to perfection. Having a nice lawn means being pretty particular about the looks and shears have a level of fine precision that any purveyor of fine landscaping would want. Plus, garden shears are cheap and last a long time, not to mention they take up very little space in your tool space.

4. Whipper Snipper

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a whipper snipper is a tool of mass destruction compared to the garden shear. Forget precision and just get the job done quickly with this tool. While a whipper snipper is not going to be used for pruning a rose bush, clearing the edges of your driveway, patio, and walkway is going to be much quicker. Much like a lawnmower, they come in gas and electric variants so the choice is really up to preference on power and cost for the user.

5. Aerator

An aerator is not usually in the list of most essential garden tools, but for keeping your lawn beautiful and healthy for a long time, it should be. Aerators help create pockets or holes with a push device, similar to a push mower, that helps the soil and grass breathe. Many landscaping companies use these devices to keep large patches looking good, and your yard can use it too. It is a perfect tool for spring and summer use.

6. Hedge Trimmer

Gas and electric hedge trimmers are going to be a lifesaver when your garden walls and hedges start to grow and grow. Using a manual shearer is great for precise motions and smaller cuts, but when you need to clear 30+ feet of the hedge, you want something with juice. The right hedge trimmer will last you a long time and keep your arms from falling off while getting your yard duties done. Not to mention, you can get fancy with your trimming and carve designs if you are talented enough. A commercial hedge trimmer will help you for best trimming.

7. Hose

When we say essential, we really do mean essential. The garden hose is no doubt about it must-have for your lawn care. There is no excuse to not have a quality garden hose for your plants and grass. Great garden hoses have a thick casing to protect the tubing inside and they are long enough to maneuver around bushes or landscaping features so you can get into even the trickiest of spots.

8. Garden Shovel

Again, you do not know what lawn care is if you do not have a quality shovel. Shovels are cheap, easy to find, take up little space, and are helpful for any kind of job. Leaves? Get a shovel. Creating a garden? Get a shovel. Need to clear snow? Get a shovel! You can see how badly a shovel is needed because it is such a versatile tool and for under $30, you can find composite material models that will stay a valuable friend for a long time.

9. Soil Spade

Gardening needs some very specific tools to get the planting and potting just right. Soil spades are another example of a very precise tool that helps you get all of your vegetables and flowers put in just right. Soil spades are pretty disposable, so even the cheapest ones will be okay and you will not need to spend much to get quality gardening assistance.

10. Hand Pruner

Last but not least is a hand pruner. It is very similar in nature to garden shears but hand pruners are much smaller so they can help cut thorns or delicate parts of flowers, vegetables, and fruit plants. It allows you to get in nice and close to keep everything clean and presentable, and it is another example of a small but mighty tool for your lawn care arsenal.

Maintaining the perfect lawn is tough, but rewarding work, but it is not possible without a little help. Picking out the right tools for your shed and garage is as important as the effort and care you give, so this list of essential tools are filled with valuable things to shop for the next time you head to the hardware store.