Every homeowner desires to have a beautiful and luxurious home. If you want to introduce home improvements but do not have the budget to spend on expensive things, here are some expert decor ideas to luxurious look for your home without breaking the bank. The use of rich fabrics, bold architecture, and artistic ideas can uplift the appearance of any home and impress the visitors with its elegance and opulence. 

Install A Huge Piece Of Art

There is no need to worry if you don’t have the budget to spend on lavish furniture and furnishings. If you have clean and elegantly painted walls, all you have to do is to hang a massive art piece on one of the walls near the sofa set. This oversized art piece will add a stunning look to your otherwise mundane living room and easily catch the attention of all your guests. The good thing about this decor idea is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on a piece of art. It is easily available in flea markets or thrift stores at a reasonable price tag.  Make sure that the color of the art piece is contrasting with the existing color palette used in the living room to make it look lavish to everyone. 

Use Color To Create The Impression Of Grandeur

Do not underestimate the potential of paint to transform the looks of your home. Painting is one of the few home improvement ideas that are rather inexpensive but can make the interiors lively and full of elegance. If a freshly painted home can fetch thousands of additional dollars during its sale, imagine what you can achieve by using high-quality paints and a tasteful color scheme in different rooms of your home. You can do whatever you want to do with colors whether it is adding a riot of colors or decorating the walls with pastel and earthy shades.

Change The Lighting To Make Your Home Look Bigger And Full Of Grandeur 

You can’t imagine the kind of difference beautiful light fixtures and the kind of lighting can make to the interiors of a home. There is no substitute for the natural light of the sun, but you can make the most of artificial lighting to illuminate the dark and dull areas of your home. According to the experts at Cotterell & Co., expensive light fixtures like chandeliers become the center of attraction in any room they are placed in, and they easily enhance the decor without making much effort. You create a dramatic effect with beautiful overhead, concealed, and hanging lights in any room. Replace incandescent lights with cool and efficient LED lights and place visually arresting and antic lampshades to create the impression of luxury and elegance. 

Enhance The Decor With The Help Of Rich And Powerful Fabrics

There was a time long ago when silk was regarded as a fabric fit for the use of the royalties and the nobles. You can make use of the same concept even today by investing in fantastic fabrics with a rich look and feel. You can see the difference these heavy fabrics make in the grandeur when you change the curtains of the room. The same happens when you use expensive fabrics for the upholstery, bed sheets, and pillow covers. Oversized throws draped in beautiful and expensive fabrics easily transform the looks of a living room and make it more lavish and elegant. 

Long Draperies Do The Trick Instantly

The window treatment you have installed in your home speaks volumes about your style and taste. You can replace the window treatment if it has become old with a modern and sleek one. However, make sure that your draperies are long and touch the floor starting from the ceiling. Short drapery not only looks cheap but also gives the impression that you have bought them ready-made from the store to save money. When you are spending money on rich and heavy fabrics for your curtains, why keep them free inches short to spoil the decor? Long curtains made of expensive fabric touching the floor create the desired impression of luxury and class. 

Place A Beautiful And Expensive Rug

If you have tried everything from lighting to curtains and upholstery but feel there is something amiss, it is certainly a large wall-to-wall rug. Don’t try to save money by placing a small rug thinking it is a waste of money to buy a large one when the large portion of the rug goes underneath the sofa set and chairs. The larger rug catches the attention of your guests and never fails to give the living room a more classy and luxurious feel. Some interior decorators feel that a larger but rather inexpensive rug has the potential to transform the looks of the living room. Such a rug also makes your room bigger than it is. Mall rugs, no matter how beautiful and expensive they are, tend to dwarf a room. 

Replace Hardware With Modern And Artistic One

Changing the doors and windows of your home is not an easy and inexpensive idea. If they have become old, you can make them new through polishing. But you can certainly give the cabinets and doors a new and luxurious look by changing the old hardware such as handles and knobs. It is a fantastic idea that produces the desired results by transforming the looks of all the rooms, especially your kitchen and the bathroom. You never realize how old and dull this hardware has become until you have new and stylish accessories and installed them in your home. 

When planning to renovate your home, never hesitate to listen to your heart. Always look for inspiration from lifestyle magazines and interior decor websites on the web but use your creativity to come up with unique and creative decor ideas. Every single home is different, and it is the unique personality and taste of the homeowner that should reflect from its looks and decor. The decor ideas mentioned in this article are worth trying, but you should use your creativity when putting them to life in your home.