What we choose to use as modern tableware on our tables says a lot about us. For example, certain pieces are plain that exclude a particular aspect that the owner loves simplicity and elegance that is clear and precise. At the same time, busy designs usually show that someone is bubbly or even adventurous with colors and prints. Well, here are more modern tableware designs with what they say about the owner:

Plain black

Black is a dark color, but that does not mean that an owner is a dark person; it simply means that they love seeing the food displayed on a classy black canvas. Plain black ceramic tableware is refined, and they may come in a silky or matte luster depending on the owner’s preferences. People who go with simple black glassware do not like getting their glassware stained by certain foods like turmeric, which can be cumbersome to remove on brightly colored tableware.

Plain white

On the flip side, the person with plain white tableware is the complete opposite of the one having the black sets. This group of people appreciates their food looking spectacular on a white background. In addition, people with plain white cutlery are not afraid of food staining because they ensure that all the pieces are cleaned right after their usage.

Plain solid color

On that same note of plain tableware, people who chose to go with china that is a different color to black and white are a bit more adventurous or simply love to match up to their pieces in their home. For example, suppose one has a color theme in the house of tan hues, so they go with a brown tableware color or in the same class of pigments.


A person owning flowered tableware is someone who loves nature and exciting bloomy colors. They tend to be people with multiple pots of plants in the homes, and the floral dinnerware is just a complementary addition to complete the theme. The design and the color of the flowers on the tableware will depend on the owner’s personality.


Lines tableware is an indication of someone who adores structure and symmetry. Lines are usually a space-altering pattern, thus make the plates appear bigger or smaller. Lines are sophisticated and bold, so much so, a person who goes with lined tableware appreciates the same in their personal lives. 

Abstract art 

This is the place where artists and free spirits belong. This group of people who select abstract artistic tableware is open-minded, letting their guests decide what the pattern or color means to them. To them, every piece of the tableware set is unique and tells a different story.

Custom-made tableware

Last but not least, there is a group of people who love having exclusive pieces of tableware that they hold dear. This is common with big five-star hotels that like having their brand on their name. But they are not the only group that wants unique pieces. Some individuals also enjoy the same in their homes.

Bottom line

What you place your food tells a lot about you. So of the seven styles, where do you fall?