Rugs can make a great addition to any living room if you choose the right one. Check out this guide to learn how to find the best rug pattern and color.

If you want to add depth, color, and class to any room, a good place to start is the addition of a rug. They are capable of defining your living space and bringing the various independent elements of your rooms together.

However, the one room in the home that benefits most from the use of a rug is the living room. In this cradle of activity for the family, the rug can be the difference-maker in turning a house into a home.

But due to its prominent position, many get anxious about decisions regarding rug pattern or color. Keep reading to learn more about the key principles behind how to choose a rug color and pattern.

Choosing the Right Rug Pattern

When considering a rug pattern, the most important question you should be asking yourself is, “Should my rug have a pattern on it at all?”

To best compliment a room, all elements should be considered, and this includes the look of the furniture. If your furniture is already stylishly decorated, either due to it having been painted or by other means, then introducing another pattern can create a busy aesthetic.

If, however, your home has plain and simple furniture, then it is screaming out for a statement rug that catches the eye. The principles behind rug pattern selection depend more on the style of the home.

Oriental-style rugs have a timeless quality that is good for any home. Floral rugs are great for a traditional or cottage style, whereas geometric or chevron designs lend themselves towards more modern homes. If you are looking for more examples of wonderful moderns statement style rugs, these Frank Lloyd Wright rugs are exactly the type of style that can make a difference in a home’s look.

How to Choose a Rug Color

Choosing the wrong rug color can turn a well-balanced home into a disaster. So, how do you go about deciding on what colors to look for?

Again, the answer lies in your home. Your primary rug color should reflect the secondary color in your decor. In doing that, it provides a link with what is already there, making your living room complete.

Remember that your rug color also can affect the perception of room size.

Therefore, if you live in a smaller home, a lighter rug in your living room will help to make the space seem larger.

On the other hand, if your heart is set on warm color area rugs, then make sure that your living room is on the larger side. Otherwise, these homely colors help to bring together a space that could be in danger of feeling too spaced out.

Make Sure Your Rug Makes the Difference

It is easy to think of a rug as just a finishing touch to a home, however, as you can see, a rug pattern and color should be given just as much importance as the rest of the decor.

After going through our tips, we hope that you now feel confident in ensuring that the rug that you choose is the right one for you.

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