Drawstring bags: you either love them or hate them- and as such, are constantly being told about how they are the choice to make.

“But I don’t see the point to them,” You say, trailing off as everyone gives you judgemental looks. Well, look no further. Here are three simple reasons why you would want to use them, and how to get started on your own little collection of Drawstring Bags.

The Responsible Choice:

Drawstring bags are shopping bags of the elite. Not only are you no longer paying the extra buck per bag at your local grocery store, but you are also cutting down the waste your choices put into the world. We have all heard the statistics, how many years plastic takes to decompose, how many marine animals and wildlife it can hurt, and how it is destroying the green fabric of our planet.

Drawstring bags are responsible because they can be made from recycled materials, and can as such be recycled. On top of that, they are not single use plastics, and can be reused, and survive a great scale of wear and tear.

The Versatile Choice:

Carrying on from the fact of their sturdy make, drawstring bags can be used for a great variety of options. You can use them as shopping bags, for groceries or any of your other stores of choice; you can use them at the beach, as a purse at school, at work, or even as a lunch bag. You can utilize them as gym bags or even as a laundry bag- and boy do they help contain the stink of used workout gear. You can even use them as storage items, to revamp your storerooms, to hold your toiletries, or even as a lightweight travel companion that you can pack way beyond capacity if needed!

They survive multiple uses, are hard to damage, can be machine-washed and won’t be yet another thing for you to keep replacing.

The Smart Choice:

Let me paint you a picture: you are walking home from the nearest store. Your purse straps keep slipping off your shoulder. Your hands are sweaty and tired from holding the multiple plastic bags as you cross the street. They dig into your palms and leave welts, and as you enter your driveway, inevitably at least one of them tears, and you are left scrambling after escaping groceries or with newly purchased clothes or books now muddy.

That’s a nightmare you can easily avoid. Drawstring Bags. Not only are they customizable, but they are also available in a huge range of sizes and strap lengths that you can just hang at your shoulder, or carry like a backpack. Above all, you can get ones with padded, comfortable straps that aren’t a pain to use.

Gone are the days of nightmare grocery runs or the guilt-ridden disposal of plastic bags that only seem to multiply. Drawstring bags are not only environmentally conscious, super usable and sturdy, and customizable to personal taste, but they are cheap, and last you a really long time. It’s a tot