Living in your home feels so safe and comforting that we often forget the myriad of potential hazards that we’re susceptible to. Whether it is a threat of an earthquake if you are living in the seismic zone or the fear of a tornado or hurricane, some natural calamities are just inevitable. Besides that, there is always the risk of unexpected fires in the house. Even if you try to maintain all the safety standards, you can never really be sure that your home will never catch any fire. 

There could be multiple reasons for that, such as high flame cooking, unchecked electrical faults, smoking, sparks resulting from loose electrical connections, etc. Therefore, installing a good fire alarm system with various smoke detectors will help you keep your family members and loved ones safe. 

Importance of fire alarms and smoke detectors

When a house gets gutted to fire, there is always a considerable loss of movable and immovable property. And that’s when the thought comes to mind: what if there was a way to warn about the tragedy? Fire alarm systems are laden with elaborate smoke sensor systems that can detect smoke and can beep to alert you. This helps you quickly identify and check the nature of the problem before it aggravates further into a major fire. This enables you to prevent a considerable amount of damages.

How do they work?

Smoke, just like other gases, tends to move upwards due to its property of volatility. And that is why they are always placed at the ceilings for timely detections. According to the experts at one of the best Electrical Panel Services, there are two types of smoke alarms. One provides a visual and audible warning inside the house. And the other one is wired to a monitored fire alarm system, which is further connected to alerting emergency personnel. It is generally recommended that they are set up in every part of the house to alert family members as soon as even the tiniest smoke emerges.   

The devices sensing the smoke work in different ways. One is by optical detention, which is photoelectric, and the other is by optical detection, known as ionization. Sometimes, the combination of both processes are used.

The right places to install them

For maximum safety, you should install fire alarms and smoke detectors on every floor of the house. If there are any rooms where doors are closed most of the time, you should install them there for additional safety. To avoid false alarms, you should place them away from the places where it is natural to get a little smoky and foggy—for example, bathrooms. Usually, most smoke detectors are placed with double-sided tape to stick them to the ceiling wall. However, to maintain its longevity and balance off the gravity, you need to drill it for a more permanent and reliable mount.


The new laws have stringent requirements for installing smoke detectors in the house. Keeping them around the house will help you to keep your family healthy and safe from any fire hazards in the future.