Are you headed down the aisle soon? Perhaps you’ve decided you’d like to give the traditional summer wedding plan the boot.

If so, you’re likely searching for winter wedding ideas that make your special day one to remember. Read on for our top winter weather tips for the winter wedding of your dreams.

Consider Your Color Palette

Your color palette takes on added importance in the winter months. The colors you choose to create your special day should be chosen carefully.
Consider Your Color Palette
While many wedding planners may advise against colors traditionally used in springtime weddings, no color is off the table when used correctly. If you have your heart set on baby blue, you may consider tying it all together in a winter palette of blue, white, and silver.

Looking for a sure bet? Try deeper colors like navy or burgundy. These colors look spectacular for winter events and are extremely flattering for your bridesmaids. After all, you do want to still be friends with your bridesmaids after the wedding, right?

Choose a Winter-Ready Location

Winter isn’t always a great choice if you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding. If your dream location doesn’t require a myriad of gas lamps to keep your guests warm, congratulations.

If there’s still a part of you that wishes that you could have that outdoor experience, consider creating moments that can embrace the beauty of the outdoors. Need an example?

A cozy snow side resort can capture the beauty of the outdoors without forcing your guests out in the cold. Further, your guests will have the luxury of choosing to stay at the luxury resort of your choice.

Rather you decide on accommodations with Walk in Showers and luxury amenities or a more rustic vibe, your guests will thank you. Need a little more outdoor inspiration?

Consider a ‘first-look’ shoot outside your wedding venue. We guarantee you’ll want to warm each other up!
Choose a Winter-Ready Location

It’s All in the Details

Looking to take your winter wedding over the top? Bring the winter into your decor. Winter decor doesn’t just mean using a winter-friendly color palette.
Depending on your budget, you can bring winter to your wedding with ice sculptures or frozen flowers. While most people have seen an ice sculpture before, frozen flowers are a far newer wedding trend.

These flowers are frozen into the ice used to create your ice sculpture. They can reflect the colors of your wedding and add that little extra something!

Staying Warm

Even the most beautiful of events can be ruined by freezing temperatures. Take our advice and plan ahead. Consider placing throw blankets on the back of the guest’s chairs to ensure that everyone feels warm and cozy.

Don’t forget to include yourself when planning ahead. A beautiful winter coat or cape can add a special touch to your wedding attire. After all, it’s your day! Don’t risk being too cold to enjoy it.

More Winter Wedding Ideas

Need more winter wedding ideas to help you feel inspired? We’re here to help.
Visit our website to learn more. We’ll help ensure that your winter wedding is one to remember!